January Villager Article

Looking Forward to the New Year – Body, Mind and Spirit

Tree down? Check! Holiday decorations down? Check! Furniture back in its original position? Check! Good! Now it is time to take a break, snuggle into your new bathrobe, sip that new lavender infused tea you received for Christmas, and contemplate what lies ahead in 2017! Our bodies at this point are in dire need of some attention, right? The Holidays always take a toll on our eating and exercise habits. It is time to get out for a walk, play tennis or take an exercise class. Our minds will be much healthier now that the major stress of the holidays is behind us. It is time to take time for ourselves by relaxing, reading that favorite book, learning something new, or taking up a new activity. Our spirit will be rejuvenated and strengthened if we take care of our body and mind. What better way to begin the New Year, right?

Looking Ahead

Keeping you informed and up to date on CWGA activities, issues, events and golf scores will be my focus for 2017. The Charbonneau Women’s Golf Association is looking forward to a full calendar of fun golf and social events.

Membership Dues

Membership fees are $75.00 per year (includes OGA dues) and are only $70.00 if paid before April 1st. Returning members must also complete an application form. Checks should be made out to CWGA and either placed in the drawer in the Members Club Room or mailed to CWGA, c/o Charbonneau Golf Club, 32020 Charbonneau Drive, Wilsonville, OR, 97070.

New members are invited to contact Jan Watson, Membership Chair, with any questions about CWGA. Her email is watsonsgolf@comcast.net. CWGA welcomes you!

Thank you

Many thanks to Cathi McLain for all the great articles submitted over the last two years. You kept us up to date and shared many good things! Your talent and humor is awesome!

Happy New Year!