2020 Winners

Congratulations to Susan Taylor

 2020 Most Improved Player

Honorable Mentions Most Improved:

Rose Mason, Sharon Kadell, Carla Robertson, Laurie Bales)


2020 Club Champion

Carlyne Lynch

2020 Net Club Champion

Kathy Barr

2020 Partners Gross Champions

Alex Carney/Susan Taylor

2020 Partners Net Champions

Shirley Higgins/Leslie Leeper



2020 Eclectic Winners


1st Flight (HCPS 5 to 20)


1st Place   Sue Weakley                      73

2nd Place Kristine Jones                    74

3rd Place   Jan Watson                        75


2nd Flight (HCPS 21-26)


1st Place   Judy Lloyd                          73

2nd Place Sheryl Huiras                      74

3rd Place (tie) Victoria Mendenhall 76

3rd Place (tie) Kathy Stout                 76


3rd Flight (HCPS 27 Plus)                  


1st Place Kay Gardner                        71

2nd Place Rose Mason                        72

3rd Place Kathy Gaibler                      78

Eclectic Prize Money