October 15th Day’s Play


Please click the link below for October 15th Day’s Play Results

October 15th Day’s Play




Minimum of four (4) must play in each group to be eligible for payout

9-HOLE GROUP: Low Gross/Low Net   Total 2 Players

Only two players in this group today = No Payout



18-HOLE GROUP:   Low Gross/Low Net Total 28 Players

Flight A: 0-21 CH


1st Place   

Alex Carney (74) Tie   $7.50          

Carlyne Lynch (74) Tie  7.50                 



1st Place

Brenda Hankins (61)   $8    

2nd Place

Susan Weakley (68)      7       




Flight B: 21+ CH


1st Place    Suzanne Hatton (88)      8             

2nd Place    Kathy Stout (91)              7            



Jan Landis (68)               8

Kathy Barr (71)              7






All winnings are merchandise credits posted to your account in the pro shop.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to have the approximate same number of players in each flight, USGA Handicap Indexes will determine flight placement, as is standard practice. In order to be eligible for winnings payout, individual scorecards must be signed and attested. Please note each player is scored in the group they signed up for and began play with. An 18-hole player cannot quit after playing 9 holes and move to the 9-hole group, nor can a 9-hole player continue to play 18 and move to the 18-hole group.


Questions?  Contact Laura Noffke, Scoring, at lgnoffke@comcast.net,

Kathy Gibbons at   kg1944@yahoo.com, or

Ginny Moir at moirginny@aol.com