Stagette Game Results

2 Best Balls  -Throw Out 3 Worst Holes Net

Three Blind Mice

Great Fall Day for our Stagette.

1st Place:

Brenda Hankins, Coleen Larson, Kay Gardner, Kathy Gabler

2nd Place:

Sandy Spencer, Susan Weakley, Marlene Apland, (Blind Draw Maryanne Wiese)

3rd Place: (Tie)

Carlyne Lynch, Janet Ferguson, Sue Oberg, Barb Barber

3rd Place: (Tie)

Laurie Bales, Maryanna Wiese, (Blind Draw-Jan Holley)(Blind Draw-Sue Oberg)

5th Place:  

Terry Borst, Cathi McLain, Rose Mason, Pat Struckman


Closest to the Line On Red – Peg Wells

Closest to the Line On Green – Kay Gardner

Stagette Results


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