Renovation of Green 9

Men’s Club Supports Renovation of Green 9

By now, most of you have seen information about the renovation of Green 9 that has been approved and funded by the Golf Club Board.  An additional project considered by the Golf Club Board, but not funded given other priorities and limited funds, would provide for the construction of a wall on the lake side of the hole.  Such a wall will significantly improve the looks of the hole from the Wedding Area as well as reducing the steep slope on the right side of the hole.

Men’s Club members Dave Massing and Clair Simmons are heading an effort to fund a wall on the lake side replacing the current riprap boundary.  The Men’s Club Board is supporting the “Renovation of Green 9” project as approved by the Golf Club and in addition, is supporting the “Let’s Chip In” project to build the wall by contributing $1000 to that effort.

The Men’s Club encourages additional contribution commitments of any amount to the wall project to help us make our Golf Course a more enjoyable and beautiful place to live and play.

Specific information on how to make contributions can be obtained at the Pro Shop.