CWGA Reminder/New Procedure

Reminder: April 8 is opening day for CWGA Play Days! Sign-up for tee times for April 8 and 15 is now open. NEW PROCEDURE: Beginning April 22nd, Charbonneau Golf Club will implement a new procedure for CWGA Play Days: • Golf Genius will send an email to CWGA players a week prior to our Thursday play day.

* Players will opt in for the upcoming week. (There will be an 18-hole email and a 9-hole email.)

* Golf Genius will assign players and tee times randomly.

* Players will be notified via email of their tee times and foursome 2 days before our play day. The Golf Club is making this change so players may participate more fully with all club members. This new procedure is being implemented with all 3 CGC golf clubs – Men’s Club, CWGA and Niners. For more information, attend our Board meeting on April 7th via Zoom. Watch for your invitation next week.