CWGA Handicap Competition July 15/16

Coming next week – CWGA Handicap Competition – July 15 and 16

Deadline to sign up – this Thursday, July 8


The following ladies have signed up to play:

Bales, Barr, Borst, Czubin, Day, Ferguson, Hankins, Harp,Hatton, Holley, Huber-Marshall, Huiras, Iverson, Judson, Kadell, Knudsen, Landis, Lynch, Mendenhall, Noffke, Oberg, Owen, Robertson, Rodegerdts, Sanford, K. Smith, T. Smith, Stout, Taylor, Toma, Ulrich, Weakley, Wells, Zagone.


Your $5 entry fee and $15 lunch fee must be deposited in the CWGA slot in the members room by Thursday, July 8th.

Even if you’re not playing in the competition, please join us for lunch and a general meeting on Friday after golf.

A payment of $15, with your name, can be left in the slot.

Presentation of the awards will be made after the lunch and meeting.

We haven’t been together for lunch since 2019, so we hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please give one of us a call.

Sharon Kadell, Kathy Stout, or Rose Mason


Handicap Competition