Handicap Competition Winners

Congratulations to Kathy Barr

CWGA 2020 Handicap Competition Winner!!

Overall Handicap Winner:   Kathy Barr

Flight A:

1st Place:  Brenda Hankins

2nd Place:  Kathy Smith

3rd Place Tie:  Alex Carney, Carlyne Lynch, Susie Taylor

Flight B:

1st Place:  Karen Miller

2nd & 3rd Tie:  Sue Weakley and Cheryl Huiras

Flight C:

1st Place:  Kay Gardner

2nd Place:  Sue Oberg

3rd Place:  Carla Robertson

Announcement: Match Play Brush Up Workshop in the Country Club, Thursday July 16th 1 PM. WIP and all CWGA members welcome.


Handicap Competition




Thursday July 9th

Friday July 10th


By July 2: Sign up at the Pro Shop front desk to play 

Pay $5 (cash or check)

at the Pro Shop front desk for prize money 

*Golf Genius will determine foursomes each day* 

Have Fun !!! 


Partner’s Competition Winners


Gross Winners::
1st Place Alex Carney and Susan Taylor 71  ($45)
(Scorecard Playoff)
2nd Place Carlyne Lynch and Faye Judson 71  ($27)
3rd Place Joann Linville and Jean Hansen 74  ($18)

Net Winners:
1st Place Shirley Higgins and Leslie Leeper 52 ($45)
2nd Place Laura Noffke and Pat Struckman 53  ($27)
3rd Place Rose Mason and Lou Moultrie 54  ($18)

July 2nd Team Golf

Thursday, July 2, 2020

4 Person Teams -Will be established by Golf Genius  

The Game – 4 Person Best Ball  

Tee Times – Will be established by Golf Genius

– To  Sign Up –

 Ask the person behind the Front desk to sign you UP.

Last Day to Sign-up Monday, June 28

18 and 9 Hole Play

CWGA Team Golf

SPECIAL INFORMATION:  At the June 3 CWGA Board Meeting it was voted that a scramble format game would not be played during this year.  To encourage community play with in the group, the board decided, to have this date be a Team Paring established by Golf Genius.  The scores will be postable and there will be both 18 and 9 hole play.  If you are not comfortable playing with a randomly drawn team, you may contact Diane Meyers, dianedavismeyers@gmail.com.


CWGA Partner’s Competition


Partner’s Competition Event

Save the Date

June 18, 2020

CWGA Partner’s Competition

Details to follow

May Day’s Play Procedures



Email Master Score Card to:  charbonneauwomengolfers@gmail.com

The Day’s Play Committee will begin regular Low Gross/Low Net play, with the resumption of payouts, beginning on Thursday, May 7.  Here’s how Thursday Day’s Play will work:

  • Each player will keep her own scorecard.
  • Each foursome will designate one player to record all scores for the foursome, hole by hole, creating what will be referred to as a “Master Scorecard”.
  • The designated scorer will need to write the first & last name of each player on the Master Scorecard.
  • At the end of the round, please confirm scores with each player, while maintaining social distancing.
  • The designated scorer will need to sign and date the Master Scorecard on the front of the scorecard, in the unused 9-hole space.
  • The designated scorer will then photograph the Master Scorecard with her phone, making sure all names and scores are clear, then forward the photo to charbonneauwomengolfers@gmail.com.
  • Cards need to be emailed immediately after playing, not later than 3:00 PM on the day played.
  • The Scoring Committee will enter the scores in Golf Genius and winnings will be calculated by flights. The committee will post scores to GHIN.
  • Player winnings will be announced via email and the CWGA Website.
  • You will post all scores except those on CWGA Play Days.
  • Due to COVID19 virus the Golf Genius Committee will not print score cards. All players will use a Charbonneau Golf Club score card.


Diane Meyers, 503-705-3920 or email dianedavismeyers@gmail.com

Cathi McLain, 503-702-0216 or email cathi@mclainco.com


How to Repair a Divot


Notice from Handicap Committee


Now that we’ve had a chance to experience the new realities of golf at Charbonneau, the Handicap Committee reminds you that YOU ARE REQUIRED TO POST ALL ROUNDS, especially those played on Thursdays. 

The raised cup and 5-foot rule may have made you unsure about posting, but USGA does adjust for it, especially if most scores posted that day are lower or higher than normal. On Thursday, April 16 the scores were much lower than normal triggering a Playing Conditions Calculation by the USGA GHIN System, for this day. We had several players who posted exceptional scores and several players scored lower than usual. We all need to be posting ALL acceptable scores so there is no unfair advantage to persons who did not post as required and will play with a higher handicap when all these restrictions are lifted. 

Our handicaps will adjust back to “normal” when all these restrictions are lifted. President Joann Linville reminds us “It is simply an issue of integrity, as is posting all acceptable rounds during our posting period, that began March 1.” Please refer to the April 22 email from Suzanne Hatton regarding the elimination of the 5-foot rule now that we can hole out, following the guidelines provided. 

Thank You for your cooperation.

Diane Meyers, Handicap Chair

April 22 email Rule on website: http://cwga.golfcharbonneau.com/charbonneau-womens-18/cwga-members-only/rules-by-laws/rules/

Women’s Interclub Play


Would you like to have a chance to play once or twice this year at one of the Willamette Valley courses with our Charbonneau WIP team? Come join us as part CWGA’s  Women’s Interclub Play (WIP)

Golf Courses we will be playing at this year include: The Reserve, Pumpkin Ridge, OGA, Quail Valley, and Michelbook CC.

What is WIP:  WIP is a Women’s only inter club 2 person team match play competition played with other OGA clubs in the area; it plays once a month (May-October).  It is an opportunity to play other golf courses and meet other women golfers in the area

Our Charbonneau Team sends 6 people (3 teams) of varying handicaps (2 low, 2 medium and 2 high) (Handicaps: 0-40) to play in the competition each month.  Each team plays Four Ball match play as a team (of two) against another team of two with similar handicaps.   You can play once or several times during the season.

Those participating have enjoyed the opportunity of playing match play as a team of two, meeting women from other clubs as well as playing on other courses.

 Peg Wells and Sue Oberg are putting together a list of people interested in playing this year..   Our intent as a club is to have as many who would like to play, have the opportunity to play in this program.

If you want more information one of the following people could give you information about WIP: Peg Wells:  memeregolf@charter.net or Susan Taylor: tnstaylor@comcast.net

 Hope you will consider playing on the Charbonneau Team.

If you are interested,  please contact  Sue Oberg: blacknosey@mac.com