Guest Day


August 20-21, 2014


Wednesday, August 20th

Optional Members and Guest Practice Round. Make your own pairings and tee times in the Pro Shop. 5:00p – 6:30p Horse Race ($10 per team) – Yellow Course 6:30p – 8:30p Social Evening on the Garden Terrace or Fireplace Room . Members BYOB and appetizer to share. Appetizers and wine may be kept in the CCC kitchen or Terrace Patio refrigerators until after the horse race is over. All members and guests are welcome to follow the Horse Racers on the course. Social will begin after conclusion of the Horse Race. Thursday,

August 21st

8:00a – 9:00am

Registration Check In and coffee. Snack bars and fruit will be available to take out on the round. Purchase raffle tickets, Druthers, Magic Putts and wine tickets for glasses or bottles of wine to be served at lunch. Driving range will be open. 9:00a – 2:00p Shotgun Tournament Starts. Please be on the putting green at the Pro Shop by 8:30a to hear final instructions for the Tournament. Starting hole assignments will be available at Registration Check-In. 2:00p – 3:30p Tournament Luncheon. Wine script ($4/glass) and raffle tickets will be available for purchase. Awards and celebration


HORSE RACE 5:00PM August 21 ($10 per team) – Yellow Course

Two person teams play. The teams will be separated into 2 divisions. Division I will start on Hole #1 and Division II will start on Hole #4. A Coordinator and the Head Golf Professional will determine the number of teams eliminated on each hole until 2 teams are left for the last hole. Winners in each division are paid from the prize pool as follows: FIRST – 65% SECOND – 35% Chip-offs will break any ties. One $5 buy back will be allowed on the 2nd tee only. Alternate shots will be used with no player hitting two consecutive shots, even in a penalty situation. Winning teams will receive merchandise certificates for use in the Pro Shop.


Druthers can be purchased for 2 for $5 for the Team at Registration on Thursday August 21. A “Druthers” is an opportunity to use a shot as a Mulligan or if the Mulligan is not preferred, the player may go back to the original shot and take that shot instead. You can purchase a maximum of 2 Druthers per team. Your Druthers cannot be used for the KP Holes or Holes-in-One. One player may use both Druthers on a team.


Magic Putts can be purchased for 2 for $5 at Registration on Thursday August 21. A “Magic Putt” is an automatic 1 putt “gimmee” and may be used for any putt on the putting green on any hole in the competition regardless of the distance of the putt. Only one Magic Putt may be used per person during the competition and cannot be used for the KP Holes or Holes-in-One.


Three raffle tickets drawn to split equally 50 % of monies collected in the prize pool. This will be a cash prize. 18 HOLE TOURNAMENT PRIZES OVERALL GROSS AND NET OF THE FIELD PRIZES and GROSS AND NET TEAM PRIZES IN TWO DIVISIONS for the combined score on the two (2) formats will be paid. Winning teams will receive merchandise certificates for use in the Pro Shop. No team can win both Net and Gross in any part of the competition. Ties to be decided starting at the last hole on the 2-Person Best Ball nine and working backwards to determine the winner.


2-Person Best Ball (Green Course): The better gross and net scores of the partners on each hole. Play the ball as it lies.

2-Person Scramble (Red Course): Choose the best of each partner’s shot all the way into the cup. Ball placement must be within 6 inches of the lie without improving the lie. Each player must contribute at least 3 drives. Play from the Red Tees on all course.

USGA Rules govern all play except as modified by local rules. Keep your partnered opponent’s score card. Score cards must be signed and attested. Turn in completed scorecards after the end of both rounds. All handicaps are final as listed on the scorecard; not subject to change once the round begins. Disputes should be referred to the Guest Day Committee through the Head Golf Professional. All local rules apply including: Power Cart Rules: Please keep all carts on paths around tees and greens. Free Relief (no penalty) from cart paths, cement drainage ditches, and flower beds. Out of Bounds: Marked by White Stakes. Driving range is not out of bounds. A ball which crosses a public road defined as out of bounds and comes to rest beyond the road is out of bounds, even though it may lie on another part of the course. Distance Measuring Devices: GPS systems and Laser range finders that are designed to measure distance only are permitted for use. Any devices which measure gradient, wind, etc. remain contrary to the Rules of Golf and the penalty is Disqualification. Water Hazards: All Water Hazards are lateral hazards, measured by red stakes. Embedded Ball Rule: Played through the green. Flower Beds: All flower beds are designated ground under repair for the protection of the plants. MANDATORY free relief is the ball is in a flower bed or a plant in a flower bed interferes with a player;s stance or area of intended swing.