November CWGA Villager


Christie Gorsline is CWGA’s Most Improved Golfer for 2014.

Christie was surprised but very happy to win this very special award. She credits hard work and help from her husband, Rick. She worked very hard all year to improve her golf. She placed second in the CWGA Club Championship and was within one stroke of winning it all! Congratulations, Christie!


First Flight – 1st: Christie Gorsline, 2nd: Susan Taylor, 3rd: Judy Miller; Second Flight: 1st: Kathie Barton, 2nd: Kay Gardner, 3rd: Joann Linville; Third Flight: 1st: Kathy Harp, 2nd: Sue Oberg; 2nd (tie): Laura Noffke; and Fourth Flight: 1st: Musa Wolcott, 2nd: Victoria Mendenhall, 3rd: Kari Muldrow.

SEPTEMBER WINNERS: September 18th: Two Person Team – Las Vegas: 1st: Christie Gorsline and Kathie Barton; 2nd Place: Glenda Dick and Laura Noffke; 3rd Place: Kay Gardner and Marlene Apland; 4th Place: Judy Bruce and Jean Hansen; and 5th Place Ties: Sue Oberg and Kathy Herrick; and Susie Taylor and Musa Wolcott.

September 25th: 3 Member Team, Most Net Pars: 1st Place: Judy Bruce, Glenda Dick and Kay Gardner; 2nd Place: Christie Gorsline, Jean Hansen and Victoria Mendenhall; Three ties for 3rd Place: Kari Muldrow, Sue Oberg and Marlene Apland; Lynn Liffick, Joann Linville and Laura Noffke; and Pat Holm, Kathy Gaibler (Blind Draw)


The finale of the year for CWGA was its annual meeting and Halloween Trick or Treat themed day of Bootiful Breakfast, Trick or Treat Step Aside Golf, a Fabulous Frightening lunch, a Spooky Horse Race and a Ghoulish Dinner followed by a Bewitching Costume Parade. Prizes were given for the best decorated cart and four categories for best costumes. The best overall winner was Purple Vampiress (Joann Linville) ; most creative was 50 Shades of Grey (Linda Schultze) ); Funniest was Sponge Bob Square Pants (Caryl Thomas) ; and most Glamorous (Susie Taylor . A very sincere THANK YOU to the committees who put this event together! Kathie Barton, Kari Muldrow, Shirley Higgins, Jean Hansen, Kay Gardner, Coleen Larson, Shirlee Valo, Joan Gornbein, Linda Schultze, Claudia Ostrem, Kathy Gaibler, Cindy Edwards and Pauline Hanlon. This Rookie thanks you!

Winners of the Stagette Trick or Treat Step Aside were: Gross: 1st: Team of Sandy Olson, Cathi McClain and Dana Richmond; 2nd: Team of Marlene Apland, Carol Brownlow, Sue Oberg and Coleen Larson. Net: 1st: Team of Jan Watson, Linda Owen, Cindy Edwards and Linda Schultze; 2nd: Team of Joann Linville, Glenda Dick and Kathy Gaibler; 3rd: Three way tie: Teams of Joan Gornbein, Claudia Ostrem, Shirlee Valo and Laura Noffke; Team of Leslie Leeper, Lynn Liffick and Jean Hansen; Team of Sue Taylor, Sonja Catania and Kathie Barton; 4th: Team of Kay Gardner, Pat Struckman, Judy Miller and April Lewis.   Congratulations!

Winners of the Stagette Horse Race: Tied for 1st Place: Team of Coleen Larson, Sue Oberg,Jan Watson and Linda Schultze and Team of Joann Linville, Cathi McClain, Jean Hansen and Sandy Olson. The Horse Race was exciting to the very end and everyone played in costume! Great job!


CWGA membership elected officers for the 2015 season: President – Linda Owen; Vice President-Claudia Ostrem; Treasurer-Jan Watson; Secretary- Joann Linville and Tournament Co-Chairs: Kathie Barton and Coleen Larson.

2014 Co-presidents Kathie Barton and Jean Hansen were presented with a gift as an expression of a great big thank you for a year of excellent and fun leadership.   The women of CWGA appreciated a fantastic year led by these two wonderful ladies!

As the snowbirds begin their annual “flight” to warmer climes, those of us hard core winter birds bid you a fond farewell and wish you happy golfing in the desert! Tee it high and let it fly, as always!

Enjoy Columbus Day and Happy Halloween all you ghost and goblins!