January 2015 Villager article

January 2015 CWGA –  By Cathi McLain, Publicity Chair

Happy New Year! This time last year, I was a brand-new Charbonneau resident, marveling over our new kitchen, our view overlooking Red One, and the fact that our short walk to the driving range could be topped off with nine holes of golf on a rain-free New Year’s Day. Since then I’ve become involved in CWGA and made many new golfing friends, and look forward to the coming spring when we’re all back together and “committing golf” at Charbonneau.

President Linda Owen reminds us that the first board meeting of CWGA will be Wednesday, January 7th. She also sends along this DUES REMINDER: Dues for the 2015 year are $72.00 and the deadline is April 1st. HOWEVER – if dues are paid prior to April 1st, they are discounted to $67.00. Please note: All members must complete a membership form this year, as it has been completely revised. The forms will be available in the pro shop member lounge by January 1st and will also be placed on line. On another note, the 2015 CWGA Schedule is being posted on the website, along with the Board listing of Officers, Standing Committees and Special Committees. Members are encouraged to use the website where current schedules of events, golf activities, member information, and important announcements will be posted online at www.charbonneaugolfclub.com.

AT “HOME” OR DOWN SOUTH – Winter time is a good time to follow these important and helpful hints:

Being able to play a lot of golf, both here and away, makes it critical to avoid injury and post-golf aches and pains. My personal trainer at 24-Hour Fitness shared five golf exercises from Pain Free by Pete Egoscue, recommended for golfers who suffer from knee, low back, elbow and shoulder pain. Arm Circles: Stand with arms raised out to your sides, keeping elbows straight, palms down, and thumbs pointing forward. Squeeze shoulder blades together and rotate arms forward in a circle, 25 times, then reverse the circle by turning the palms up and thumbs back, another 25 times. Elbow Circles: Raise hands palm-out so that middle fingers rest on the temples in front of the ears, with thumbs extended downward. Draw elbows back evenly and in line with the shoulders. Slowly swing the elbows forward until they touch in front. Repeat 25 times. Standing Overhead Extension: Stand with feet straight, hip-width apart. Interlace fingers, with palms toward the ceiling, arms overhead with elbows straight. Look up at the backs of your hands, keeping arms in vertical alignment with the shoulders. Hold for one minute. Upper Spinal Floor Twist: Lie on your side with knees bent, to form a right angle to the trunk. Extend both arms along the floor, level with the shoulders, keeping elbows straight with the palms together and parallel with the bent legs. Slowly lift the upper arm up and over to rest behind you on the floor palm-up while you turn your head to face the ceiling. Relax and breathe deeply. Repeat on the other side. Cats and Dogs: Classic yoga exercise. Get down on the floor on hands and knees. Smoothly round your back upward as your head curls under to create a curve (cat). Next smoothly sway the back down while bringing the head up (dog). Make these two moves flow continuously back and forth rather than keeping them distinct and choppy. Do one set of ten.

The new year ahead is a great time to consider working on improving something in your life..whether it be healthwise, family, friends or community. Enjoy!