March CWGA Villager Article


MARCH 2016


Cathi McLain

            I have a good friend who frequently remarks, “dumb luck beats prior planning every time,” always in reference to a golf shot. It’s usually a bad hit that gets a lucky bounce or ricochet and ends up in the right spot in spite of itself. We all have them. My personal favorite was a Mother’s Day round with my son and husband at RedTail, when my second shot went in the water on 14, bounced off a rock and landed in the middle of the fairway, allowing me a straight shot to the green and a par putt. Everyone joked that it was Mother’s Day luck, and I had to agree. I think all golfers celebrate the lucky shots, especially when it comes to aces and eagles. Even professionals would acknowledge that a hole-in-one is pretty much “dumb luck.” If it wasn’t, aces wouldn’t be so rare. I’ve come close a time or two, but so far that much luck hasn’t happened for me, but I keep hoping that the next shot will be the one, lucky or not.

I don’t know if it was luck or good judgment that led us to Charbonneau, but we celebrate it every day, or that it was luck or good judgment that led me to join CWGA, but I celebrate that, too!

I’m also reminded how “lucky” we are to have such a wonderful maintenance crew led by Danny Vandecoevering (AKA, Danny V).  The greens are top-notch after a winter’s worth of hard work, and ready for play as spring (hopefully) brings warmer and dryer weather.

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 6 at 9:00 AM. All members are welcome to attend. Here are a few schedule highlights to note in your calendars. The full schedule will be posted on the CWGA website at http://cwga.golfcharbonneau subject to a few revisions during the season.

April 7: Opening Season Breakfast/Shotgun

May 4: Board Meeting

May 5: Mixer/Luncheon/Shotgun

June 1: Board Meeting

June 2-3: Handicap Tournament (Lunch on Friday)

June 16: Battle of the Sexes/Lunch

July 6: Board Meeting

July 18-22: Junior Golf

July 21-22: Partners’ Tournament (Lunch on Friday)

July 28: Girl’s Night Out (proposed)

August 4-5: Men’s Invitational

August 10: Board Meeting

August 11: Mixer/Luncheon/Shotgun

August 18: Guest Day

August 25-26: Club Championship (Lunch on Friday)

September 7: Board Meeting

September 8: Day’s Play – Luncheon Meeting

October 5: Board Meeting

October 6: Stagette/Annual Meeting

October 27: Last Day of Play


I can frequently look out my kitchen window and see rainbows after a rain here at Charbonneau. Instead of a pot of gold, I have found the friendship and camaraderie that golf in this community affords. We are all lucky in that regard.

February Villager Article



By  Cathi McLain


February calls to mind romance and love, with Valentine’s Day at the top of the list. It is also a month to celebrate presidential birthdays (although it seems that President’s Day has become as much an excuse for mattress sales and a day off from school as it is to remember George and Abe). President’s Day might also remind us of the presidents who loved to play golf, most notably, Dwight Eisenhower, who said of golf, “It is a sport in which the whole American family can participate—fathers and mothers, sons and daughters alike. It offers healthy respite from daily toil, refreshment of body and mind.” His was certainly a passion for the sport, one many of us share. Living on a golf course reminds us daily of the qualities of the sport, from the beauty of the courses, to the camaraderie we enjoy when we play with friends and family. As we start to plan for 2016 golf at Charbonneau, I’m reminded of another quote, from Roberto de Vicenzo, an Argentine golf pro from the 30’s and 40’s: “Golf is like love. One day you think you are too old, and the next day you want to do it again.” With winter in full swing, we know we love golf, but may have to wait for warmer days in order to “do it again.” Meanwhile, we’re working hard to prepare for the 2016 season.

Portland Golf Show – February 10-12. Be sure to sign up in the Pro Shop to volunteer to work at the Portland Golf Show, February 10-12 at the Oregon Convention Center. Our volunteers man the booth, distribute passes for a free round of golf, and have a great time building awareness for Charbonneau Golf Club.

CWGA held its first board meeting of 2016 and we are looking forward to another great year. Megan McGrew was introduced as our go-to person for 2016. (Cindy: please insert a photo of Megan McGrew. She said the pro shop can provide a good one.) As an assistant pro in training, Megan is taking courses and working with Chris Bensel to become a course professional. She will manage our play-days and tournaments, and be there to answer questions and concerns. Megan reported that the course is adjusting tee time rotations to 9 minutes between groups to allow for better flow from now on. This will apply to all tee times on the course. She also said that the Pro Shop will manage the Saturday Women’s Golf pairings from now on, making it easier to book a time. We’ll now be able to call the Pro Shop until a certain time on Friday’s, and they’ll add us to the list for Saturday morning golf. This has proven to be a great way to get acquainted with other women golfers outside our respective groups. Kudos and thanks to the Niner’s Janet Ferguson, who has taken care of this for the past two years.

Other news from the board meeting: The golf course is moving its website to Cyber Golf, leaving the clubs to manage their own sites. We have opted to remain with Media Physics, and will split the fees with the Niners. A link will remain on the main Charbonneau Golf Club site, so it should continue to run smoothly and seamlessly. Thanks to Sue Oberg and Kathie Barton for managing our electronic communications so effectively.

Jan Watson is working tirelessly to recruit new members as our Membership Chair. She is personally contacting new residents and inviting the women to join us. Please do the same when you meet a new neighbor, and assure them that we can help them to establish a handicap if they’ve not played club golf before.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! We celebrate our love and passion for each other, and of course, for GOLF! As Dinah Shore so aptly put it, “It’s a faithless love, but you hit four good shots and you’ve started your day right.” May we all be doing that soon!


January Villager Article



By Cathi McLain, CWGA Publicity Chair

Happy New Year! It’s mind-boggling to realize it is 2016. I keep wondering where my flying car and hover board are, or more especially, the dishwasher that unloads itself. Imagine how much more time we’d have to hit the golf course! Unfortunately, technology hasn’t matched the future envisioned in the movies, but living at Charbonneau does allow us to quickly hit the course whenever the weather and the spirit allows. So far, this winter hasn’t provided the warm and dry golf weather we enjoyed last year, so those of us who live here year ‘round are dreaming about golf more than playing it. With golf dreams in mind, there are some club news to share to prepare us for the new year.

President Linda Owen wishes to express her appreciation to all members of the executive board, standing committee chairs and special committee chairs for all their efforts and hard work, making 2015 an enjoyable year of golf and special events. She offers some news that we hope will get folks ready for 2016.

Dues payments locally should be dropped off at the pro shop. The club room will be out of commission while the big remodel is underway, so just hand the paperwork with your check to a staff member. Dues are $75.00, $70.00 if paid by April 1st.  Social Membership for past members only is $20. Membership applications need to be submitted by ALL, including previous and new members. Membership applications are available at the pro shop desk and on the website. Snow birds should mail applications and payments to the golf club 32020 SW Charbonneau Dr., Wilsonville, 97070.

First Board Meeting of 2016 is Wednesday, January 6 at 9:00 AM in the Country Club building. If you’re in town, please join us as we set the plans for the coming season.

CWGA still needs volunteers for three positions: Days’ Play, Scoring, and Guest Day Chair. Please consider volunteering for one of these tasks, even if it’s as part of a team, which is especially good for Day’s Play and Scoring. Give Linda a call to talk about how much you would be willing to do. Many hands make short work, right?

2016 Executive Board:  Linda Owen, President; Kathy Harp, Vice President; Treasurer, Victoria Mendenhall; Secretary, Joann Linville; Tournament Co-Chairs, Coleen Larson and Suzanne Hatton.

OGA Fee Increase. OGA raised their fees to $35 this year:  Here’s where it goes:

Handicapping/course rating




OGA Golf Course Support

Junior Golf Support

PNGA Membership

Evans Scholarship Foundation

Debt Service and Reserve

24% ($8) goes toward Handicapping/Course Rating

18% ($6) goes toward Debt Service and Reserve

If you’ve ever wondered how the Evans Scholarship money is spent, here’s a breakdown:  In the U.S.: 910 students are currently enrolled in school, 250 on full scholarship (95% graduation rate). In Oregon: 30 at University of Oregon or Oregon State University, one at Notre Dame, one at Northwestern.  And a residency is being built at U of O.

Hope this New Year finds you well, enjoying whatever life brings, and whether you are playing in the sun or just wishing for the sun, doing it with gusto.