January Villager Article



By Cathi McLain, CWGA Publicity Chair

Happy New Year! It’s mind-boggling to realize it is 2016. I keep wondering where my flying car and hover board are, or more especially, the dishwasher that unloads itself. Imagine how much more time we’d have to hit the golf course! Unfortunately, technology hasn’t matched the future envisioned in the movies, but living at Charbonneau does allow us to quickly hit the course whenever the weather and the spirit allows. So far, this winter hasn’t provided the warm and dry golf weather we enjoyed last year, so those of us who live here year ‘round are dreaming about golf more than playing it. With golf dreams in mind, there are some club news to share to prepare us for the new year.

President Linda Owen wishes to express her appreciation to all members of the executive board, standing committee chairs and special committee chairs for all their efforts and hard work, making 2015 an enjoyable year of golf and special events. She offers some news that we hope will get folks ready for 2016.

Dues payments locally should be dropped off at the pro shop. The club room will be out of commission while the big remodel is underway, so just hand the paperwork with your check to a staff member. Dues are $75.00, $70.00 if paid by April 1st.  Social Membership for past members only is $20. Membership applications need to be submitted by ALL, including previous and new members. Membership applications are available at the pro shop desk and on the website. Snow birds should mail applications and payments to the golf club 32020 SW Charbonneau Dr., Wilsonville, 97070.

First Board Meeting of 2016 is Wednesday, January 6 at 9:00 AM in the Country Club building. If you’re in town, please join us as we set the plans for the coming season.

CWGA still needs volunteers for three positions: Days’ Play, Scoring, and Guest Day Chair. Please consider volunteering for one of these tasks, even if it’s as part of a team, which is especially good for Day’s Play and Scoring. Give Linda a call to talk about how much you would be willing to do. Many hands make short work, right?

2016 Executive Board:  Linda Owen, President; Kathy Harp, Vice President; Treasurer, Victoria Mendenhall; Secretary, Joann Linville; Tournament Co-Chairs, Coleen Larson and Suzanne Hatton.

OGA Fee Increase. OGA raised their fees to $35 this year:  Here’s where it goes:

Handicapping/course rating




OGA Golf Course Support

Junior Golf Support

PNGA Membership

Evans Scholarship Foundation

Debt Service and Reserve

24% ($8) goes toward Handicapping/Course Rating

18% ($6) goes toward Debt Service and Reserve

If you’ve ever wondered how the Evans Scholarship money is spent, here’s a breakdown:  In the U.S.: 910 students are currently enrolled in school, 250 on full scholarship (95% graduation rate). In Oregon: 30 at University of Oregon or Oregon State University, one at Notre Dame, one at Northwestern.  And a residency is being built at U of O.

Hope this New Year finds you well, enjoying whatever life brings, and whether you are playing in the sun or just wishing for the sun, doing it with gusto.