Battle of the Sexes

CWGA Members:

On Thursday, June 15, we are scheduled to play in The Battle of the Sexes which is followed by the trophy presentation and an optional cheeseburger lunch. (See the sign-up sheet at the Pro Shop.)

This is a very friendly competition against our Charbonneau Men’s Club.

The format is 4- Ball where foursomes will consist of two women playing against two men comparing NET scores on each hole.

Matches are won, lost or tied.

The club with the most wins is presented the trophy…there is no prize money awarded.

This year members will be able to play 9 or 18 holes. Those playing nine holes will start a little later so we will all finish at approximately the same time.

Those electing not to play may follow the field.

If you have questions about this competition, please call or email Kay Gardner: