February Villager Article

February, 2017 Villager Article – CWGA

Since it is February, let’s talk about love! We love our friends, our community, our family, and as CWGA members, GOLF! To illustrate that love, the picture contained in this article definitely proves it! Carla Robertson, Kathy Stout, Jan Landis, Kathy Harp, Cathi McLain and Diane Meyers, started the year off with what they love! On New Year’s Day, these dedicated golfers played in Charbonneau’s Frostbite Open. Word has it they had a wonderful time enjoying the game and each other’s company! No word of frostbite was reported, and the event will surely become an annual event. Insert photo

The CWGA schedule has been published on the website. There are no official events or meetings planned for February and March. However, let’s all do our part to support our wonderful food and beverage facility, The Turn, by stopping by for coffee, lunch, or informal board games that are available. Tory Mobley and her staff will be offering lunch specials and happy hours, so let’s take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy time with our friends at the cozy and fun atmosphere. While you are at it, peruse the good selection (and special prices) of clothing available in the Pro Shop. It is a good time to get ready for the “Golf Season”.

CWGA next board meeting is scheduled for April 5th, and all members are encouraged to attend. The golfing season begins, Thursday, April 6th with the opening season breakfast at The Turn at 8:30 and a shotgun at 9:00.

The membership recently amended its By-Laws to include all women golfers. The handicap restriction was removed and language for establishing a handicap was added, as well as other “housekeeping” changes. These changes enhance the inclusion of all women golfers and women who have health restrictions, scheduling issues, or who just want to play nine holes. These changes are proof that CWGA members love the game of golf and love playing with all women of Charbonneau.

As Ben Hogan once said: “As you walk down the fairway of life, you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.”

Do what you love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Linda Owen, publicity