World Handicap System will begin on January 6, 2020

World Handicap System will begin on January 6, 2020
What you need to know!  
  1. Members will not be able access GHIN January 1-5.
  2. Down load the updated GHIN Mobil App to your phone on January 6.
  3. Beginning on January 6 it is very important that you post your scores on the day you play before midnight. Your Handicap will update automatically every day you play.
  4. You will notice that you need to post your scores hole by hole.
  5. You will no longer use ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) for posting your scores.  You will begin using Handicap Strokes hole by hole that are determined by your handicap.  Maximum Strokes allowed per hole is Par + 2 strokes + your Handicap Strokes.
You will play your round of golf as normal for your Gross Score.
Handicap Score: The maximum per hole score for handicap purposes will be Par + 2 strokes + your Handicap Strokes.  Let’s say your course/playing handicap is 23 and you are going to play 18 holes.  You would be allocated 1 extra stroke per hole than the remaining 5 strokes are applied to the next 5 hardest rated holes for the course you are playing. This will be your handicap score and the score you post.

Holiday Happy Hour

You’re Invited to


Wednesday, December 18

4:30-6:30 PM

Charbonneau Country Club Card Room

Bring an appetizer to share and a wrapped gift

for the gift exchange.

Punch will be provided, or BYOB.

Gift Ideas:

• No White Elephants Please

• $15.00 Limit

• Golf Themed Items and Accessories

• Something that You would like to


We hope you can join us!

Cathi McLain and Joann Linville

Please RSVP to Cathi McLain at by Monday, December 16

Holiday Party Invitation

CWGA Membership and Handicap System

Have you sent in your 2020 membership application?

The handicap chairs will inactivate everyone who has not paid their GHIN fees by 12-31-19. This could make a difference for those of you who head south & want to post scores. You can print out the 2020 membership application off the CWGA  web site  (, apply online or complete document enclosed and mail or drop off at our CWGA slot at the Pro Shop

The new World Handicap System will start 1-1-2020. The new GHIN system may not be up and running for the first few days. If that is the case, save any scorecards for posting when the site is up and running. Handicaps will be updated daily (scores posted will be processed after midnight & show up the next day). It is very important that you post immediately after you to play to ensure that your handicap is accurate the next time you play. You will be responsible for checking your handicap every time you play.

Beginning the first of the year here are some changes:

1.  Members will no longer use ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) for your maximum score for posting. Your new computation method is: par + 2 + allocated handicap strokes for that hole.

2.  Members will no longer be able to share emails.  Those who share GHIN emails need to contact Diane Meyers at to add your new email to your GHIN information or have your partner contact their club to have their email changed.  Those who have shared emails both of the emails will be deleted from the system when the change happens on January 1, 2020.  The result will be that neither of you will receive handicap updates and your GHIN APP will not work.

3.  The World Handicap System will limit extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index. It will automatically (and immediately) reduce a Handicap Index when an exceptional score – not just a tournament score – of at least 7 strokes better is posted. It will have mechanisms in place to account for abnormal course or weather conditions to ensure that scores reflect when a course plays significantly different than its established Course Rating / Slope Rating.

These safeguards represent real change, modern change, and positive change. They will help maintain accuracy of a Handicap Index, greater integrity within the system and promote fun and fair play for golfers of all abilities. Which is exactly what we want from a Handicap System.

Visit and read their article “Five Things You Need To Know About The WHS”.  Diane Meyers, handicap chair will be happy to answer any questions you might have, you may contact her at


CWGA Membership Application

2019 OGA Annual Meeting Report

2019 OGA Annual Report

CWGA Dates to Save



    The Membership Committee has several things planned for the up and coming golf season.  We hope you will be able to join us as often as possible.  Once a month, during January through March, we have our Winter Luncheons.  Winter can feel like a long stretch of time.  Let’s stay connected with our “old” members and get acquainted with our new members before golf season begins.  We meet in The Turn adjacent to the Pro Shop.  You will receive specific details when we are closer to the luncheons so you can pre-order your meal.


Please mark your calendar the following dates so you don’t miss a thing

  • January 16th Winter Luncheon @ 11:30


  • February 20th Winter Luncheon @ 11:30


  • March 19th Winter Luncheon @ 11:30


  • April 7th New Membership Orientation    Details for new members will be sent to them directly.


  • April 9th is our Welcome Back Breakfast at 8:00 am. Details will be sent closer to the event.


Ladies, if you have any prospective member names/contact information feel free to let one of us know and we’ll take it from there.

If you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of us


Warmest regards

Jean Czubin, Membership Co-Chair, 503-694-8343,

Maryanna Wiese, Membership Co -Chair, 503-694-2668,

Pat Struckman, Membership Co-Chair, 503-694-5491


CWGA Holiday Party

Save the Date for CWGA’s


Wednesday, December 18

4:30-6:30 PM


Details to Follow

CWGA December Holiday Party

Save the Date for CWGA’s


Wednesday, December 18

4:30-6:30 PM


Details to Follow


Recognition 2019 Tournament Winners

 Club Champion: Alex Carney

Net Champion:      Susan Taylor

Partner’s Gross Winners:  Faye Judson and Carlyne Lynch

Partner’s Net Winners:  Barbara Henderson and Ann VanDomelan

Most Improved: Brenda Hankins

Stagette Scramble Winners

First Place               52       ($40 each)

Joann Linville, Jan Holley, Kris Fulton

Second Place          53       ($25 each)

Kathie Barton, Judy Miller, Jackie Peters, Ann VanDomelan

Third Place             54       (($10 each)

Kristine Jones, Danna Richmond, Kathy Barr, Kathy Gibbons


Best Costume:  Cathi McLain  ($25)


2019 Eclectic Winners ($35 First Place, $25 Second Place, $15 Third Place)

1st Flight

1st Place:  Carlyne Lynch           71

2nd Place   Jean Czubin                75

3rd Place    Diane Meyers            76

2nd Flight

1st Place   Betsy Knudsen          75

2nd Place   Sue Oberg                   76

3rd Place   Brenda Hankins        77

3rd Flight

1st Place Kathie Barton              62

2nd Place   Kathy Stout                76

3rdPlace   Pegi Howell                 78



Note:  All money you have in your Winnings Account must be spent at the Pro Shop by December 31st, 2019.








October 3rd

9:30 am Registration 

10:30 am Scramble Shotgun Start 

**Box lunch provided when you make the turn** 

2:45 pm Dress in your “Best Day EVER” costume 

No host bar with signature drink 

3:30 pm Horse Race — $5 to enter, $5 buy back in 

5:00 pm Catered appetizers – (BYOB) 

5:30 pm Meeting and Prizes Awarded, including best costume 

6:00 pm Buffet Dinner by Wilsonville Catering 

6:45 pm Entertainment by “The Niners” 

By September 26th: 

Sign up to play 

Pay $22 for lunch and dinner to CWGA ($16 for dinner only to CWGA) 

(No refunds after September 26) 

October 3 – Pay for golf at the Pro Shop 

Best Day of Our Lives Poster

2019 Club Championship

2019 Club Champion:  Alex Carney   (147)

1st Flight Gross Winners;

1st  Carlyne Lynch  (157)

2nd  Susan Weakley  (167)

1st Flight Net Winners:

1st  Sue Oberg   (119)

2nd Karen Miller  (127)




2nd Flight Gross Winners

1st  Jan Holley  (173)

2nd  Diane Meyers  (178)

2nd Flight Net Winners  Tie:

1st  Cathi McLain  (127)

1st  Pat Struckman (127)