Summary of New Rules

These are formatted to be the front and back on a 4X6 sheet if you wish to download and laminate them.  (Click Summary of New Rules link below)


Embedded Ball in Rough – free drop in relief area behind ball from rough or fairway

Club Length – Longest club in bag except putter

Penalty Areas – (formerly water hazards) allow 2 club length lateral drop and can move loose impediments and ground club -1 penalty stroke

Dropping – must be knee height; if drop from shoulder – 1 penalty stroke

Substituting a Ball – allowed when taking free or penalty relief (a drop)

Search Time of Lost Ball – reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes

Moving Ball While Searching – no penalty if accidental; replace

Lost Ball or Out of Bounds – new option for fairway relief – 2 stroke penalty; not allowed to hit provisional ball if taking this option

Ball Accidentally Strikes You, Equipment, etc. – no penalty

Unplayable Lie – stroke and distance or drop 2 club lengths – 1 penalty stroke (not new rule)

Ready Golf – play when ready without holding up or interfering with others in general area, tee or on green

Removing Loose Impediments in Bunker – allowed no penalty but cannot move ball

New Bunker Option – drop outside bunker back on line from ball to flag – 2 stroke penalty

Repairing Damage on Green – can repair most all damage except normal wear – no penalty

Line of Play on Putting Green – touching line of play on green allowed

Ball Accidently Moved on Green – no penalty if accidently moved by player or opponents, replace on original spot

Hitting Flagstick – no penalty whether in hole or lying on green; play ball where it lies

Double Hitting Ball –no penalty; counts as 1 stroke and play ball where it lies

Maximum Score – allows a player to pick up and take maximum score without penalty

Ball Accidently Moved By Natural Forces on Green – if lifted and replaced, replace on original spot; if not lifted and replaced yet, play from new spot

Summary of New Rules

Put April 4th on Your Calendar


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Starting at 8:00 a.m. in The Turn

Cost:  $7.00 per person

There is a sign-up sheet in the member room

Put your check in the CWGA slot

RSVP by April 1, 2019

(If you are unable to get to the golf shop email  Jan Holley ( and she will get you signed  up. Just make sure you are paid up by April 1 or you  will not be counted. You can also send your check to Jan at: 8216 S.W. Mariners Drive Wilsonville 97070)

Last Winter Luncheon

Welcome CWGA ladies to our
Last Winter Luncheon
      Our last scheduled winter luncheon is March 21st at 11:30 at The Turn.
Hope to see you there.
We are eager for winter to end and the golf season to begin.
Food choices for the March lunch are:
· BLT (not toasted) *** March “Special of the Day” includes wine/$9.50
– Tuna sandwich
· Turkey cranberry sandwich
· Chicken salad sandwich
· Veggie wrap
· Salad – either tuna or chicken
· Soup of the day….Chicken Gumbo
The cost will be $8 for sandwiches which includes either potato salad or chips.
The Turn will have our orders prepared for us by 11:30.
Your pre-ordered lunch will be on the serving table with your name and dollar amount attached.
All you have to do is go to the counter and pay for your lunch.
******If you prefer to order off the menu or have a special dietary need, you may order AFTER the pre-ordered lunches have been served and paid for.   THANK YOU
    Please email your RSVP to Janet by Monday evening, March 18, with your food choice and if you want potato salad or chips with a sandwich order.  She will submit everyone’s order on the morning of the 19th.
     Please come and mingle with our new members before the start of the upcoming golf season.  We look forward to seeing you on the 21st.
Warmest Regards
Janet Ferguson, Membership Co-Chair, ,