Summary of New Rules

These are formatted to be the front and back on a 4X6 sheet if you wish to download and laminate them.  (Click Summary of New Rules link below)


Embedded Ball in Rough – free drop in relief area behind ball from rough or fairway

Club Length – Longest club in bag except putter

Penalty Areas – (formerly water hazards) allow 2 club length lateral drop and can move loose impediments and ground club -1 penalty stroke

Dropping – must be knee height; if drop from shoulder – 1 penalty stroke

Substituting a Ball – allowed when taking free or penalty relief (a drop)

Search Time of Lost Ball – reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes

Moving Ball While Searching – no penalty if accidental; replace

Lost Ball or Out of Bounds – new option for fairway relief – 2 stroke penalty; not allowed to hit provisional ball if taking this option

Ball Accidentally Strikes You, Equipment, etc. – no penalty

Unplayable Lie – stroke and distance or drop 2 club lengths – 1 penalty stroke (not new rule)

Ready Golf – play when ready without holding up or interfering with others in general area, tee or on green

Removing Loose Impediments in Bunker – allowed no penalty but cannot move ball

New Bunker Option – drop outside bunker back on line from ball to flag – 2 stroke penalty

Repairing Damage on Green – can repair most all damage except normal wear – no penalty

Line of Play on Putting Green – touching line of play on green allowed

Ball Accidently Moved on Green – no penalty if accidently moved by player or opponents, replace on original spot

Hitting Flagstick – no penalty whether in hole or lying on green; play ball where it lies

Double Hitting Ball –no penalty; counts as 1 stroke and play ball where it lies

Maximum Score – allows a player to pick up and take maximum score without penalty

Ball Accidently Moved By Natural Forces on Green – if lifted and replaced, replace on original spot; if not lifted and replaced yet, play from new spot

Summary of New Rules