Recognition 2019 Tournament Winners

 Club Champion: Alex Carney

Net Champion:      Susan Taylor

Partner’s Gross Winners:  Faye Judson and Carlyne Lynch

Partner’s Net Winners:  Barbara Henderson and Ann VanDomelan

Most Improved: Brenda Hankins

Stagette Scramble Winners

First Place               52       ($40 each)

Joann Linville, Jan Holley, Kris Fulton

Second Place          53       ($25 each)

Kathie Barton, Judy Miller, Jackie Peters, Ann VanDomelan

Third Place             54       (($10 each)

Kristine Jones, Danna Richmond, Kathy Barr, Kathy Gibbons


Best Costume:  Cathi McLain  ($25)


2019 Eclectic Winners ($35 First Place, $25 Second Place, $15 Third Place)

1st Flight

1st Place:  Carlyne Lynch           71

2nd Place   Jean Czubin                75

3rd Place    Diane Meyers            76

2nd Flight

1st Place   Betsy Knudsen          75

2nd Place   Sue Oberg                   76

3rd Place   Brenda Hankins        77

3rd Flight

1st Place Kathie Barton              62

2nd Place   Kathy Stout                76

3rdPlace   Pegi Howell                 78



Note:  All money you have in your Winnings Account must be spent at the Pro Shop by December 31st, 2019.