CWGA Membership and Handicap System

Have you sent in your 2020 membership application?

The handicap chairs will inactivate everyone who has not paid their GHIN fees by 12-31-19. This could make a difference for those of you who head south & want to post scores. You can print out the 2020 membership application off the CWGA  web site  (, apply online or complete document enclosed and mail or drop off at our CWGA slot at the Pro Shop

The new World Handicap System will start 1-1-2020. The new GHIN system may not be up and running for the first few days. If that is the case, save any scorecards for posting when the site is up and running. Handicaps will be updated daily (scores posted will be processed after midnight & show up the next day). It is very important that you post immediately after you to play to ensure that your handicap is accurate the next time you play. You will be responsible for checking your handicap every time you play.

Beginning the first of the year here are some changes:

1.  Members will no longer use ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) for your maximum score for posting. Your new computation method is: par + 2 + allocated handicap strokes for that hole.

2.  Members will no longer be able to share emails.  Those who share GHIN emails need to contact Diane Meyers at to add your new email to your GHIN information or have your partner contact their club to have their email changed.  Those who have shared emails both of the emails will be deleted from the system when the change happens on January 1, 2020.  The result will be that neither of you will receive handicap updates and your GHIN APP will not work.

3.  The World Handicap System will limit extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index. It will automatically (and immediately) reduce a Handicap Index when an exceptional score – not just a tournament score – of at least 7 strokes better is posted. It will have mechanisms in place to account for abnormal course or weather conditions to ensure that scores reflect when a course plays significantly different than its established Course Rating / Slope Rating.

These safeguards represent real change, modern change, and positive change. They will help maintain accuracy of a Handicap Index, greater integrity within the system and promote fun and fair play for golfers of all abilities. Which is exactly what we want from a Handicap System.

Visit and read their article “Five Things You Need To Know About The WHS”.  Diane Meyers, handicap chair will be happy to answer any questions you might have, you may contact her at


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