COVID-19 CWGA Cancellations

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) CWGA Cancellations

I hope you are all well and taking all the recommended precautions that have been emphasized by all public and health officials.  If you are like me, my hands are dry and in need of moisturizer as a result of lengthy washing and use of hand sanitizer.  As you know, following the Governor’s announcement yesterday, many activities and events have been cancelled or postponed.  Specifically the Governor recommendation most impacting CWGA is:

Governor Kate Brown has ordered the implementation of community social distancing measures recommending cancellation of events hosting more than 10 persons in high risk populations. High risk populations include older adults and those with underlying health conditions, as well as individuals without stable housing. An event is defined as any gathering in a space in which a distance of at least three feet between individuals cannot be maintained. This recommendation applies to gatherings for social, spiritual and recreational activities. This does not apply to school attendance, businesses, grocery and retail stores.

This recommendation is for the next 30 days.  Older adults have been defined as persons over 65 years of age.  Since this represents nearly all of our members, I believe it is prudent to cancel our indoor meetings and events through April 12.  These recommendations by the Governor are being made both to protect our citizens but also to cut down transmission and exposure until incubation periods are past.  I think it is prudent to do our part and that is to flatten the curve of the pandemic by social distancing.   While we are disappointed to miss our social events, the importance of them pales in comparison to the risk of transmission to any of you.

Effective immediately, the following CWGA events are cancelled:

  • March 19 Tee Party
  • April 1 Board Meeting
  • April 1 Information session on Posting Scores at Charbonneau
  • April 9 Welcome Back Breakfast (golf will still be held – see note below)

Please continue to sign up for April 9 Opening Day golf on the sheet in the club room.  Tee times will be assigned by the Days Play Committee and all will be notified by email of their assigned time.

The April 7 New Member Orientation will be held, but will be optional for any members concerned about attending and prohibited for any persons who are ill from any respiratory symptoms including cold, cough, fever, or any flu like symptoms.  Any non-essential members and visitors should not attend.  If you are not a presenter, please do not come.  New Members who do not feel comfortable attending will be offered the opportunity to get this information at a later date.  Please note that this plan may change if warranted and an announcement will be sent to members.

Thank you for your patience and care during this difficult time.

Joann Linville, CWGA President                                                                                  3/13/2020



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