April Play

Subject: Opening Day April 9 There is still time to sign up for Opening Day, Thursday, April 9. The weather is looking GOOD. Tee Times are being set by the Day’s Play Committee. To sign up, please contact Diane Meyers at 503-705-3920. Final deadline is Monday, April 6. This is not a Scramble, and there will be no payouts for the Day’s Play. Players will play their own ball, keep their own score, and please do NOT exchange cards. Players will post using the GHIN app or at home online. No posting allowed on the Club Room computer. Players will use “Most Likely Score” for posting.   We ask that players NOT come early to avoid gathering in groups and that you maintain at least a 6-foot distance at ALL times. Anyone with respiratory symptoms, coughing, sneezing or a fever please stay home. Reminder the restrooms on the course are not open and the golf course is only accepting credit card as payment. The Tee Sheet, with your tee time for Opening Day, will be sent out on Tuesday, April 7. If you signed up and have decided not to play, please contact Diane Meyers, 503-705-3920. The Pro Shop requests a 24-hour cancellation.  

Members will book tee times through the pro shop and post scores for all Days Play events.After the Opening Day round, where we will do the pairings, while our Thursday block will remain in place, you will need to contact the Pro Shop to book a tee time. There will be no games or payouts at this time. Players will keep their own scores and post using the GHIN app or at home online. No posting allowed on the Club Room computer.  If you need help posting, contact Diane Meyers, 503-705-3920. 

Due to the changes made in the golf course as a result of the COVID19 virus, all scores posted will be “Most Likely Score” in accordance with USGA Guidelines.·       In order to determine your Most Likely Score, players will count all strokes taken on the hole to reach the green and add strokes as follows once on the green:·       If the first putt hits the raised cup liner – count that as 1 stroke and pick up.·       Otherwise, continue to putt until the ball is within 5 feet of the cup counting all putts.·       Once the ball is within 5 feet of the hole, add 1 stroke and pick up.·       Players do not need to hit the cup liner to be considered holed out. Questions contact Suzanne Hatton, Rules Committee Chair