Notice from Handicap Committee


Now that we’ve had a chance to experience the new realities of golf at Charbonneau, the Handicap Committee reminds you that YOU ARE REQUIRED TO POST ALL ROUNDS, especially those played on Thursdays. 

The raised cup and 5-foot rule may have made you unsure about posting, but USGA does adjust for it, especially if most scores posted that day are lower or higher than normal. On Thursday, April 16 the scores were much lower than normal triggering a Playing Conditions Calculation by the USGA GHIN System, for this day. We had several players who posted exceptional scores and several players scored lower than usual. We all need to be posting ALL acceptable scores so there is no unfair advantage to persons who did not post as required and will play with a higher handicap when all these restrictions are lifted. 

Our handicaps will adjust back to “normal” when all these restrictions are lifted. President Joann Linville reminds us “It is simply an issue of integrity, as is posting all acceptable rounds during our posting period, that began March 1.” Please refer to the April 22 email from Suzanne Hatton regarding the elimination of the 5-foot rule now that we can hole out, following the guidelines provided. 

Thank You for your cooperation.

Diane Meyers, Handicap Chair

April 22 email Rule on website: