Putting and the Flag

Dear CWGA members,

As many of you may have already noticed, our golf course  has made a first step in transitioning back to “normal” golf.   

Instead of the flag sticks set in an above ground “cup”, the course has now lowered the flag stick holder into the cup by about an inch.   This is intended to allow us to putt into the hole while still not needing to touch the flagstick.  Consequently, the “5 foot gimme rule” is no longer available.  We must putt in to complete our score for the hole.

As expected, this is an imperfect set up, because the putt sometimes bounces off the metal ring in the cup and does not stay in the cup.  Therefore, we are asking all of you to fairly assess your putt.  If you decide that your putt would have fallen into the cup and stayed there IF there was no flag stick ring interference, then your putt is good.  Mark your score and move on to the next hole.  You may ask your foursome for their opinion, but your decision is final.

We are asking all CWGA members to keep your own score.  You must  post when you play on Thursdays with our club.  

Thank you for your cooperation during this transition.

Suzanne Hatton, Rules Committee Chair