Women’s Interclub Play


Would you like to have a chance to play once or twice this year at one of the Willamette Valley courses with our Charbonneau WIP team? Come join us as part CWGA’s  Women’s Interclub Play (WIP)

Golf Courses we will be playing at this year include: The Reserve, Pumpkin Ridge, OGA, Quail Valley, and Michelbook CC.

What is WIP:  WIP is a Women’s only inter club 2 person team match play competition played with other OGA clubs in the area; it plays once a month (May-October).  It is an opportunity to play other golf courses and meet other women golfers in the area

Our Charbonneau Team sends 6 people (3 teams) of varying handicaps (2 low, 2 medium and 2 high) (Handicaps: 0-40) to play in the competition each month.  Each team plays Four Ball match play as a team (of two) against another team of two with similar handicaps.   You can play once or several times during the season.

Those participating have enjoyed the opportunity of playing match play as a team of two, meeting women from other clubs as well as playing on other courses.

 Peg Wells and Sue Oberg are putting together a list of people interested in playing this year..   Our intent as a club is to have as many who would like to play, have the opportunity to play in this program.

If you want more information one of the following people could give you information about WIP: Peg Wells:  memeregolf@charter.net or Susan Taylor: tnstaylor@comcast.net

 Hope you will consider playing on the Charbonneau Team.

If you are interested,  please contact  Sue Oberg: blacknosey@mac.com