Pro Shop Credits


You probably got this reminder from the Pro Shop:

“This is a friendly reminder that
must be used by 12/31/20.”

Be sure to call the Pro Shop and find out how many credits (from this year’s winnings) you have to spend and use by the end of the year.

If you are out of town, find something on the web and let the Pro Shop know what you want them  to get for you.  (Pro Shop Phone: (503) 694-1246)

2020 Year in Review

We now have our first photo album for CWGA called “2020 Year in Review”.  Charlotte Nicholas & Cathi McLain have been saving photos of the executive board, winners of tournaments, our limited social gatherings, & more.  2020 has certainly been a year to remember!


This has been assembled & is now in the pro shop for your viewing pleasure.


I hope you all like it as much as we do.  It was fun putting everything together!

Charlotte Nicholas



CWGA Website

(Several 2020 pictures can also be found on the Photo Gallery on the CWGA website)

Important CWGA Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember:

November 30: The last day to post scores in the NW.  If you are playing in area that post scores please continue to post your scores.
December 29, 2020: All members who have not paid their 2021 CWGA GHIN Dues will be deactivated from the CWGA GHIN List.  Members will be activated in GHIN as they pay their dues. Those who pay their membership dues before December 31st will get a $5.00 discount.
January 1, 2021: The USGA GHIN Mobile will make a CHANGE!!  If you share a email with your spouse your mobil app will no longer work, you will need have a separate email address.  This change was scheduled to happen last year but was delayed.  Please add your new email address to the CWGA Membership Application form and/or send it to or you can call me 503-705-3920.
CWGA website:

Renovation of Green 9

Men’s Club Supports Renovation of Green 9

By now, most of you have seen information about the renovation of Green 9 that has been approved and funded by the Golf Club Board.  An additional project considered by the Golf Club Board, but not funded given other priorities and limited funds, would provide for the construction of a wall on the lake side of the hole.  Such a wall will significantly improve the looks of the hole from the Wedding Area as well as reducing the steep slope on the right side of the hole.

Men’s Club members Dave Massing and Clair Simmons are heading an effort to fund a wall on the lake side replacing the current riprap boundary.  The Men’s Club Board is supporting the “Renovation of Green 9” project as approved by the Golf Club and in addition, is supporting the “Let’s Chip In” project to build the wall by contributing $1000 to that effort.

The Men’s Club encourages additional contribution commitments of any amount to the wall project to help us make our Golf Course a more enjoyable and beautiful place to live and play.

Specific information on how to make contributions can be obtained at the Pro Shop.