April 29th Results

CWGA Days Play Results April 29th


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Low Gross/Low Net April 29th


To sign up for May 6th 18-hole Scramble, accept or decline the email sent to you on Thursday from Diane Meyers.



CWGA May 5th Zoom Board Meeting

Link to May 5th Zoom Board Meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting Wednesday May 5th  9am

May 5 Board Meeting

May 5th Board Agenda and April Board Minutes – Draft

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April Minutes Draft


Join Zoom Meeting May 5th

April 15th Day’s Play Results

April 15th Day’s Play Results:

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April 15 Low Gross/Low Net


New Day’s Play Sign Up Process begins:

To sign up for April 22nd Play accept or decline the email sent to you on Thursday from Brenda Hawkins

Signing up for Play Days



Beginning April 22

  1. On Thursday, April 15, members will receive an invitation (email) to sign up for the April 22 Play Day. Players will need to either accept or decline the invitation by selecting the buttons on the email.
  2. Emails for both 18-and 9-hole play will be sent to all members. Members will need to choose 18- or 9-hole play and ignore the other email. Be sure you reply to the correct message.
  3. Immediately following their selection, a pop-up will appear, saying we have recorded your registration for the round you are now playing or not playing.
  4. Shortly after, a second email will follow saying your registration for Low/Gross Low/Net Thursday, April 22 is confirmed or not playing. It will ask if you would like to modify your registration through the link below.
  5. On Monday Noon sign-ups will close.
  6. On Tuesday, members who accepted playing will receive an email with the Tee Sheet showing their Tee Time and foursome.
  7. Players will use individual score cards and exchange at the Tee Box as in past years.
  8. Tee Times for 18-hole play run from 8:29 to 10:37 a.m. and for 9-hole play, Tee Times run from 9:03 to 10:03 a.m. each week.

NOTE: Members choosing not to sign up for the random pairing by selecting “Not Playing” or by ignoring the invitation and making their tee time through the Pro Shop will not be eligible for the day’s game and are ineligible for payouts.

Scramble Results and Hanging Limbs


Hanging Limbs:

Until the trees arborists have had a chance to trim all the hanging limbs, please feel free to move your ball anytime you don’t feel safe. Move your ball anywhere until you feel safe, but no closer to the hole. This is especially true on Red.


April Scramble Results

Board Meeting

Reminder for board meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.  Please click on link below.