News from Rules

News From Rules                                                                                  August 8, 2021

Our Charbonneau Golf Club General Manager has determined all repaired and reseeded drainage areas as “no play zones” and players must take free relief from those areas. Please help these areas heal by not playing out of them and avoiding foot and cart traffic over them. Stumps remaining anywhere in the general area, resulting from the ice storm, have been designated ground under repair and players may take free relief from the stump (see Rule 16.1.b).

As a reminder, you may not take free relief from tree roots associated with any remaining stump or tree anywhere on the course or a ball within the small trees marking 125 yards to the hole. Your options are to play the ball as it lies, decide your ball is unplayable (see Rule 19.1), or play the ball from where your previous stroke was made under penalty of stroke and distance (see Rule 18.1).

News from Rules 8-6-21