Signing up for Play Days



Beginning April 22

  1. On Thursday, April 15, members will receive an invitation (email) to sign up for the April 22 Play Day. Players will need to either accept or decline the invitation by selecting the buttons on the email.
  2. Emails for both 18-and 9-hole play will be sent to all members. Members will need to choose 18- or 9-hole play and ignore the other email. Be sure you reply to the correct message.
  3. Immediately following their selection, a pop-up will appear, saying we have recorded your registration for the round you are now playing or not playing.
  4. Shortly after, a second email will follow saying your registration for Low/Gross Low/Net Thursday, April 22 is confirmed or not playing. It will ask if you would like to modify your registration through the link below.
  5. On Monday Noon sign-ups will close.
  6. On Tuesday, members who accepted playing will receive an email with the Tee Sheet showing their Tee Time and foursome.
  7. Players will use individual score cards and exchange at the Tee Box as in past years.
  8. Tee Times for 18-hole play run from 8:29 to 10:37 a.m. and for 9-hole play, Tee Times run from 9:03 to 10:03 a.m. each week.

NOTE: Members choosing not to sign up for the random pairing by selecting “Not Playing” or by ignoring the invitation and making their tee time through the Pro Shop will not be eligible for the day’s game and are ineligible for payouts.

2021 Eclectic is Ready to Start!

CWGA Eclectic for 2021 will begin in April. Click here for details: CWGA Eclectic 2021


April 8 is opening day for CWGA Play Days. 

Sign-up for tee times is now open.  

At this time you may sign up for April 8 and 15.  
Beginning on April 1, you may sign up for April 22 and 29 at which time you may also sign up four (4) weeks in advance.

CWGA March Board Meeting


Please send additions to the agenda  by Monday the 1st to Terry Borst at:

Thank you.

March Board Meeting Agenda

2021 Proposed Calendar

Proposed 2021 Budget

February Board Meeting Draft

2021 CWGA Calendar

CWGA 2021 Schedule


Click the link below to view our 2021 Schedule:


2021 CWGA Calendar


CWGA Season Is Almost HERE!

Here’s the latest on preparing for the 2021 CWGA season of golf. Handicapping, establishing your new Digital GHIN Profile and password, and preparing to sign up for Days Play and scrambles.

It’s all here! Click to view the news!

Golf Cart Etiquette

The Green and Golf Committee and the Board of Directors of the CGC have approved a new document for distribution–Golf Cart Etiquette and Rules of the Road. 

Over the last year, the course experienced a large increase in the

number of rounds and subsequently a large increase of traffic on the cart paths.  We anticipate further increase in cart path traffic as the Activities Center and renovation of the CCC is completed. 

 Rose Mason, CWGA Green and Golf Committee representative


Golf Cart Etiquette and Rules of the Road

If you use a cart on the golf course, be aware of golf cart etiquette and safety. These rules are designed for your safety, and to protect the turf on the fairways and greens.  Golfers on the course will always take precedent over golf carts or walkers travelling on the cart paths. Follow instructions on posted signs.  Avoid driving through roped or staked off areas on the course.

Driving Safety and Care of Turf

  • • Keep all carts 30 Feet from all greens and on the cart path by the tee boxes.
  • • Keep entire cart (all 4 wheels) on cart path to park by the tee boxes or collars of the green.
  • • When possible please observe 90-degree rule when entering fairway.
  • • Use common sense and do not drive close to water hazards, grassy mounds, or bunkers.
  • • Avoid driving across extreme slopes, slow down when going down or across hills, do not turn when on a slope, and always set the parking brake when parking on a slope.
  • • Avoid driving a cart through mud, on or off the fairway.
  • • Be careful of driving through casual water on any part of the golf course.
  • • Making sharp turns or speeding along in the cart and coming to a sudden stop, can damage the turf grass.
  • • For your safety and for the safety of your passenger, do not drive the cart in front of other players in your group or another group.
  • • If a golfer is about to swing or attempt a putt, slow down as you approach and stop the cart until the golfer has completed his or her stroke.
  • • A “cart-path-only rule” is exactly what it sounds like: Keep your golf cart on the designated cart path at all times. Do not drive onto the grass.


Golf Cart Etiquette

Proposed Budget

Here is the proposed 2021 budget for consideration on February 3. Click below:

2021 Proposed Budget. 


February 3rd CWGA Board Meeting

Board Meeting February 3rd at 9 am will be done on Zoom (Zoom invitation sent yesterday).

Attached please find:

Board Meeting Agenda,

Oct.7th 2020 Board Minutes,

2021 Calendar of Events

Proposed Budget

Please send additions for Board Meeting Agenda to Terry Borst ( by February 1st

October 7th 2020 Board Minutes

2021 Proposed Budget

2021 Calendar of Events

February Board Agenda


The USGA GHIN will make a CHANGE!!  If you share a email with your spouse your mobil app will no longer work, you will need have a separate email address.  This change was scheduled to happen last year but was delayed.  Please add your new email address to the CWGA Membership Application form and/or send it to or you can call me 503-705-3920.


Please click and read GHIN Digital Profile below:


GHIN Digital Profile

CWGA Reminders


Just a couple of quick reminders.

There will be no CWGA Board meeting in January.

The next CWGA Board meeting with be Wednesday,

February 3rd, 9 am via Zoom.  Two of the agenda items will be approving the 2021 calendar and budget.

An email will be sent late January asking for additional items.

Terry Borst and Laurie Bales