November 3 CWGA Meeting Agenda & Oct. Minutes

The CWGA Board Meeting is set for 9:00 AM Wednesday, November 3 via Zoom. The 2022 budget and dues structure will be discussed.

Here’s the agenda for the meeting, along with the draft Minutes from October 6. All members are invited to join the meeting.

November 2021 Board Agenda

October 6^J 2021 CWGA Meeting Minutes Draft

2021 Eclectic Winners

The Eclectic Winners were announced last week during Stagette. Kudos to Laura Noffke for recording the scores each week, and for compiling the list, available by clicking here:


Congratulations, winners!


Stagette and General Meeting News

Our annual Stagette on October 7th, was, as always, great fun and the perfect way to wind down our golf season. The event, chaired by Coleen Larson, Janet Ferguson and Kristine Jones, was themed Star Spangled Stagette and the scramble was divided into two teams, Red vs. Blue. Lunch and general meeting followed the scramble, where elections were held, awards were presented, and the gavel was passed to the new presidents. The fun continued with the Horserace. Head Pro Chris Bensel said it was the “most fun horserace Charbonneau has ever experienced.” It’s likely more than a few residents on the Yellow Course called in to report mayhem taking place on the usually sedate golf course.

Here are the results of the day’s events:

Election of Officers

Co-Presidents: Janet Ferguson and Laura Curran

Co-Vice Presidents: Alice Galloway-Neely and Kay Sharp

Secretary: Amy Day

Treasurer: Debbie Bray

Tournaments” Rose Mason and Kathy Stout

Most Improved Player: Brenda Hankins

Scramble Results: The Blue Team won by one stroke!

Click here for Stagette Payouts.

The Horserace ended in a chip-off on the ninth hole.

Win: Kathy Smith, Coleen Larson, Deborah Ulrich
Place: Terri Zagone, Barbara Henderson, Sue Oberg
Show: Jan Watson, Kathy Barr, Lou Moultrie

Photos from all our events can be found on our website under the Members Section/ Photo Gallery, and in the scrapbook in the Club Room created by our historian, Lynda Huber Marshall.

2022 Proposed Slate of Officers

Please find below the official posting of the officers proposed for 2022.   

As we’ve done in the past, with an uncontested slate of officers, a vote will be taken at our General Meeting to approve or not the 2022 officers.

If you are not able to attend and wish to vote, please contact Terry or Laurie via email.  Terry ( or Emails should be submitted by 3:00 pm on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 to be counted.

Nominated Officers:

 Co-Presidents – Janet Ferguson/Laura Curran

 Co-Vice Presidents – Alice Galloway Neely/Kay Sharp

 Treasurer – Debbie Bray

 Secretary – Amy Day

 Tournament Co-Chairs – Rose Mason/Kathy Stout 


As we’ve done in the past, with an uncontested slate of officers, a vote will be taken at our General Meeting to approve or not the 2022 officers.

If you are not able to attend and wish to vote, please contact Terry or Laurie via email.  Terry ( or Emails should be submitted by 3:00 pm on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 to be counted.



Dear CWGA Members –

Your Nominating Committee has been hard at work filling our slate of officers for the 2021 Season.  We have a single spot yet to be filled and are sending this note to ask all our members to consider volunteering for Vice President for this next year.  The position can be filled by a single person or by two members who can serve as Co-Vice Presidents.  There is no minimum length of CWGA membership required for this position – everyone is eligible!!!

As we all know well, our CWGA has been there for all of us during these pandemic times and for many of us, kept us sane when most other activities were restricted.  Our organization does not just happen by chance.  Many members have stepped forward to ensure an organized Day’s Play, Scoring, payouts, tournaments, and special events like Guest Day and Stagette .  These volunteers actually do the work of our organization.  But we need members to also step up for leadership positions.

Below is the position description for Vice President and we are asking any interested members to contact a member of our Nominating Committee by September 21 if you are willing to fill this position next year.

The VICE PRESIDENT shall accept this position knowing that she will automatically be the first considered for the position of President for the following year.  She shall assist the President in the performance of all her duties.  In the absence of the President, she shall exercise all the powers and discharge the duties of the President.  She shall be one of three empowered to sign all checks drawn upon the funds of this organization.  She shall be responsible for reviewing the By-laws and Standing Rules.  She shall take a count of members when necessary to determine the presence of a quorum.  She shall be responsible for the recognition and honoring of the outgoing President at the end-of-the-season event.

Nominating Committee

Joann Linville                928-210-8301

Jean Czubin                  503-694-8434

Kathy Harp                   503-936-1467

Jan Holley                     503-704-3351

Deb Tyler                      503-504-3872

We thank you for consideration of this important position to keep CWGA a great organization.

CWGA Stagette & Annual Meeting

Please click link below for information on our Annual Meeting, and the fun and games of Stagette:

Star Spangled Stagette


Charbonneau Golf Club Happenings

Here’s the latest news from Charbonneau Golf Club. CGC Happenings Sept 2021

Club Championship Winners and Payouts

Congratulations to Carlyne Lynch, Club Champion!

2021 Club Champion Carlyne Lynch

Excitement prevailed as members followed the playoff between Carlyne Lynch and JoAnn Linville to determine the winner. After two holes, Carlyne prevailed in a repeat of 2020.

For the complete Winners List, click this link: 2021 Club Championship Winners.

Other Notables:

Round #1 Chip-ins:  Lynda Huber-Marshall – Red #1; and Sydney Bunch – Red #7

Round #2 Chip-ins: Sharon Kadell – Red #4


Sign up for the Club Championship August 26 and 27

Club Champ Sign up Flyer 2021-final PDF

Golf Genius will send the invitation to play on August 10, and you must sign up by August 20. The pairings will be made by Golf Genius based on handicaps.


News from Rules

News From Rules                                                                                  August 8, 2021

Our Charbonneau Golf Club General Manager has determined all repaired and reseeded drainage areas as “no play zones” and players must take free relief from those areas. Please help these areas heal by not playing out of them and avoiding foot and cart traffic over them. Stumps remaining anywhere in the general area, resulting from the ice storm, have been designated ground under repair and players may take free relief from the stump (see Rule 16.1.b).

As a reminder, you may not take free relief from tree roots associated with any remaining stump or tree anywhere on the course or a ball within the small trees marking 125 yards to the hole. Your options are to play the ball as it lies, decide your ball is unplayable (see Rule 19.1), or play the ball from where your previous stroke was made under penalty of stroke and distance (see Rule 18.1).

News from Rules 8-6-21