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Laura Curran – Publicity

Where else than the Pacific Northwest could this time of year define transition? For me, it’s all about weather. I appreciate our summer’s sizzling days, opportunities for outdoor experiences (especially golf), grilling dinner, and renewed outdoor contact with neighbors. But something about the transition to softness in the air, cooler mornings, and anticipating seasonal activities brings me a renewed enthusiasm for Fall. Fortunately, CWGA will sponsor some social gatherings to keep us connected as a group, and, should get us through the approaching transition to our soggy interim, Winter.

Another topic of transition in CWGA is Board nominees for 2020.  At the October 3, general meeting members will vote to accept the slate. Nominees include:

President – Joann Linville

Co – Vice Presidents – Terry Borst and Laurie Bales

Co – Secretaries – Lynda Huber Marshall and Laura Curran

Treasurer – Debbie Bray

Tournaments – Rose Mason, Sharon Kadell, and Kathy Stout


In addition, the October general meeting will include a vote on the proposed calendar of CWGA events for 2010.


CWGA provides the Stagette as an annual event each October. The theme for this October 3  is “The Best Day Ever”. This year’s event carries on with fun-filled activities including an 18 hole shotgun Scramble, option for lunch from the The Turn, 3:30 Horse Race, cocktails at 5:00 (includes a “signature” cocktail!), 5:30 general meeting, and dinner at 6:00. Wilsonville Catering will provide a large luscious buffet. Thank you to indispensable Co-Chairs for this event, Lynda Huber Marshall and Karen Miller!

Guest Day, August 14, 15

“Beach Blanket Bingo” was the theme for this year’s Guest Day. The event included our annual cocktail party with potluck appetizers on Wednesday evening. A Short Game Challenge was part of the evening’s festivities, with putting, chipping and sand shots part of the challenge. Prize money was awarded to the top scores in each event. Thursday’s golf was a two-person gross scramble, pitting Team Annette Funicello against Team Frankie Avalon. The teams were assigned using a formula that factored in players’ handicaps. Illustrating how well the handicaps were balanced, Team Annette won by just 3 strokes, awarding prize money in the form of Pro Shop credits to all players in that team. Lunch was provided by Cutsforth Market in Canby. Thanks to the Guest Day committee, Carlyne Lynch, Diane Meyers, Charlotte Nicholas, Cathi McLain, Ann Van Domelen, and Marlene Apland. And to spouses John McLain, John Meyers, and Fred Van Domelen, who ran the Short Game Challenge and served lunch on Thursday.


Club Championship

The annual Championship Tournament was held over two consecutive Thursdays. Round #1 was August 22, and Round #2 was August 29, with Alex Carney successfully defending her title for a second year. A luncheon and General Meeting followed the second day of play. A lovely sandwich and salad buffet was provided by Wilsonville Catering. Thank you to Tournament Co-Chairs  Suzanne Hatton, Colene Larson, and Susie Taylor for all events this season!

Play Results:

Congratulations to the 2019 Club Champion – Alex Carney – 147

1st Flight: Gross – 1st  Carlyne Lynch – 156, 2nd   Susan Weakly – 167. Net – 1st Sue Oberg – 119, 2ndKaren Miller – 127. 2nd Flight: Gross –  1st Jan Holley – 173, 2nd Diane Meyers – 176. Net – 1st  (Tie) Cathi McLain and Pat Struckman  – 127




2022 OGA Annual Meeting Report

2022 OGA Annual Report

July Villager Article

June Villager Article

CWGA May Villager Article

May CWGA Villager Article:


April Villager Article

April 2017 CWGA Article for The Villager


All members, new and old are invited to attend. It is a good way to meet your Executive Board members, as well as your Standing Committee and Special Committee Chairs.


It is finally here! The Season begins April 6th. Hope to see all of you new, returning members, as well as the rest of us returning members, out there! Our opening day begins with a breakfast at the Turn. Dale Owen, President of CGCI, will bring us up to date on activities at the Golf Club. April 1st is deadline to sign up for breakfast at the cost of $10, so hurry in to the Club room and get registered! Opening day is a great time to meet and get acquainted. Let’s do this! See you out there!

April Day’s Play schedule are Thursdays, April 13, 20, and 27th. Be sure to get signed up after you play on the 6th. There are sign-up sheets for either nine hole play or 18 hole play, located in the Club room, below the CWGA wall.


Big Sisters are being assigned to new members as we speak, and we still need a few more volunteers to assist! Please contact Janet Ferguson or Jan Watson. They will be happy to assign someone to you.


All members, mark your calendars for Friday, April 28th, when we will welcome our new members with nine holes of golf, a shotgun scramble teeing off at 3:00 p.m. , followed by a pizza party at 5:00! The party will be held either on the Terrace or CCC dining room, depending upon the weather.

New members are encouraged to visit CWGA’s website at charbonneaugolfclub.com, and click on CWGA link. Contact Sue Oberg for your password to club minutes, etc. Sue’s email is blacknosey@mac.com. For any other questions contact Jan Watson at watsonsgolf@aol.com.


Our popular red logo’d golf shirts are available for new members and those who did not obtain one last season. Most members contributed $20 to the cost of the excellent quality and fit of the Greg Norman shirts. Contact Linda Owen at ls13owen@gmail.com if you are interested. If we don’t have your size, we will ask our wonderful golf pro Chris Bensel to order it for you. The red shirts come in handy on special days’ play events and are worn by all volunteers during the Men’s Invitational. Order yours today!


John McClain, president of the Men’s Club reminds us that this year’s Tin Cup Tournament sponsored by the Men’s Club will be open to women golfers. Check in the pro shop or the Mens’ Club section in the Club room for more information.

Golf Clubs’ Mutual Interest in Working Together

There are many schedules and gifting opportunities which are sometimes duplicated which could be shared or done in a cooperative spirit. The Niners, Mens’ Clubs (nine and 18) and CWGA are meeting to explore ideas in which all clubs can participate. More information will be forthcoming.

As we celebrate Earth Month, CWGA is committed to widening its sphere and making a positive impact by treating our community, each other, and the golf course with kindness and respect.

As always, tee it high and let it fly!

Linda Owen

March Villager Article

March 2017 CWGA Article for The Villager

The month of March brings many things: It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Hope springs eternal. In March we see signs of daffodils and other early blooming plants. We celebrate the Luck o’ the Irish. As golfers in Charbonneau, we begin to prepare for the season and feel very lucky we have such a beautiful golf course on which to play. I feel very lucky to live in such a friendly community and even luckier to have so many wonderful friends. Playing golf with these friends is the very best. I read somewhere that “golf is an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle”. Perhaps that is what we all seek as we are lining up that putt or eyeing that pond over which we need to sail the ball. Gary Player is credited with saying “The harder you work, the luckier you get”. We will see, won’t we? Practice is what we all need, but luck is a bonus.


As a result of recent by-law changes, CWGA is open to all women golfers! In addition to 18 hole play, 9 hole play is now available. The only handicap restriction is 1) you must have one. If you don’t, there is a vehicle enabling you to establish one. 2) The only time a 40.4 handicap is required is when playing in a tournament. A member is required at that time to play to that handicap. CWGA is inclusive of all women golfers and realize that schedules, health, and perhaps age, allow individuals to play nine holes instead of eighteen, at times. This is NOT to infer that any of us are getting old!

REMINDER : Join CWGA by April 1st and save $5.00! Membership applications are in the Club room at the Pro Shop. Dues are $70 if paid by April 1st and $75 if paid after that date. Drop off your application and check in the CWGA drawer or mail it in.

Wednesday, April 5th at 9:00 am is CWGA’s Board Meeting which is held in CCC Lounge room. All members, returning and new are invited. New members, especially, are invited to attend. What a great time to meet this year’s board and committee chairs.


What to do when not spending the winter in warmer climes? Many of the women golfers met for a fun lunch at the Turn in January and February. Tory Mobley, the food and beverage manager at the Turn, featured specials which included wine. As many as 25-30 met to enjoy a tasty lunch and each other’s company, catching up on our winter activities and adventures. The group grows each time, as word travels. Such a great time to get together with our winter friends and talk of the upcoming golf season! Tory has also sponsored some lively Pitch games which I hear are a great success. Be sure to stop in the Turn for a yummy breakfast and a hot cup of coffee, cocoa or tea or a tasty lunch. Cocktails and a good selection of wines are available.

Some of us golfers have spent some time working on our game by taking golf lessons. Hopefully we won’t be completely out of shape when the season starts. Watch out returning snowbirds! Speaking of snowbirds, hurry home please. We miss you! HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Linda Owen, publicity

February Villager Article

February, 2017 Villager Article – CWGA

Since it is February, let’s talk about love! We love our friends, our community, our family, and as CWGA members, GOLF! To illustrate that love, the picture contained in this article definitely proves it! Carla Robertson, Kathy Stout, Jan Landis, Kathy Harp, Cathi McLain and Diane Meyers, started the year off with what they love! On New Year’s Day, these dedicated golfers played in Charbonneau’s Frostbite Open. Word has it they had a wonderful time enjoying the game and each other’s company! No word of frostbite was reported, and the event will surely become an annual event. Insert photo

The CWGA schedule has been published on the website. There are no official events or meetings planned for February and March. However, let’s all do our part to support our wonderful food and beverage facility, The Turn, by stopping by for coffee, lunch, or informal board games that are available. Tory Mobley and her staff will be offering lunch specials and happy hours, so let’s take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy time with our friends at the cozy and fun atmosphere. While you are at it, peruse the good selection (and special prices) of clothing available in the Pro Shop. It is a good time to get ready for the “Golf Season”.

CWGA next board meeting is scheduled for April 5th, and all members are encouraged to attend. The golfing season begins, Thursday, April 6th with the opening season breakfast at The Turn at 8:30 and a shotgun at 9:00.

The membership recently amended its By-Laws to include all women golfers. The handicap restriction was removed and language for establishing a handicap was added, as well as other “housekeeping” changes. These changes enhance the inclusion of all women golfers and women who have health restrictions, scheduling issues, or who just want to play nine holes. These changes are proof that CWGA members love the game of golf and love playing with all women of Charbonneau.

As Ben Hogan once said: “As you walk down the fairway of life, you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.”

Do what you love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Linda Owen, publicity


January Villager Article

Looking Forward to the New Year – Body, Mind and Spirit

Tree down? Check! Holiday decorations down? Check! Furniture back in its original position? Check! Good! Now it is time to take a break, snuggle into your new bathrobe, sip that new lavender infused tea you received for Christmas, and contemplate what lies ahead in 2017! Our bodies at this point are in dire need of some attention, right? The Holidays always take a toll on our eating and exercise habits. It is time to get out for a walk, play tennis or take an exercise class. Our minds will be much healthier now that the major stress of the holidays is behind us. It is time to take time for ourselves by relaxing, reading that favorite book, learning something new, or taking up a new activity. Our spirit will be rejuvenated and strengthened if we take care of our body and mind. What better way to begin the New Year, right?

Looking Ahead

Keeping you informed and up to date on CWGA activities, issues, events and golf scores will be my focus for 2017. The Charbonneau Women’s Golf Association is looking forward to a full calendar of fun golf and social events.

Membership Dues

Membership fees are $75.00 per year (includes OGA dues) and are only $70.00 if paid before April 1st. Returning members must also complete an application form. Checks should be made out to CWGA and either placed in the drawer in the Members Club Room or mailed to CWGA, c/o Charbonneau Golf Club, 32020 Charbonneau Drive, Wilsonville, OR, 97070.

New members are invited to contact Jan Watson, Membership Chair, with any questions about CWGA. Her email is watsonsgolf@comcast.net. CWGA welcomes you!

Thank you

Many thanks to Cathi McLain for all the great articles submitted over the last two years. You kept us up to date and shared many good things! Your talent and humor is awesome!

Happy New Year!

CWGA November Villager Article

Cathi McLain, CWGA Publicity Chair

It’s hard to believe that another season of CWGA golf has ended. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and there is nothing truer when it comes to our golf time at Charbonneau. Seems like only yesterday we were welcoming back the snowbirds and gearing up for another summer of golfing fun. Now we’re hoping to eke out a few more rounds before it gets too cold and wet and the snowbirds leave again. Still, with any luck, we’ll be able to play during the fall and winter, either here or in the desert, and I am grateful for any and all of those golfing opportunities. With Veteran’s Day coming, it’s also a good time to express our gratitude for this wonderful country, and for the many veterans in Charbonneau and elsewhere who served their country when they were needed. May they, and all of you, always hit it “far and sure.”

Stagette Celebrates the End of a Great Season

The annual Stagette celebrated the end of a wonderful 2016 season of golf. The shotgun scramble was played on a cloudy afternoon and most of us just beat the rain that had been forecast. Happy Hour and Annual Meeting followed play, along with announcements of the season’s big winners. Linda Owen was recognized as Most Improved Player, lowering her handicap 8 points since the beginning of the season. MCatherine Lunsford-Bowles was our Hole-in-One winner, for her ace on Green 5, September 22nd. Eclectic winners were also announced and are listed below.
Cindy: Insert photo “MCatherine Hole in One” with the following caption: MCatherine Lunsford-Bowles celebrates her play day hole-in-one on Green 5.

Thanks to 2016 Board

CWGA members applauded the hard work of their 2016 board of directors during the annual meeting, held during the end-of-year Stagette on October 6. Thanks to President Linda Owen, who ended a successful two-year term; Kathy Harp, vice-president and incoming president; Victoria Mendenhall, treasurer; Joann Linville, secretary; Suzanne Hatton and

Coleen Larson, tournament chairs. In addition, committee chairs were recognized, including Day’s Play: Kari Muldrow and Carol Brownlow; Eclectic/Hole-In-One: Susan Taylor;
Handicap: Linda Schultze and Jean Hansen; Historian: Christie Gorsline and Cathi McLain; Membership: Jan Watson; Property/Trophy: Susan Taylor; Publicity: Cathi McLain; Rules: Joann Linville; Scoring: April Lewis; Social/Catering: Kari Muldrow and Jan Landis; Sunshine: Leslie Leeper; Communications/Web: Sue Oberg and Kathie Barton. Special Committee chairs were also recognized and thanked. OGA Director-Liaison: Sue Oberg; CGC Board Liaison: Kathie Barton; CGC Green & Golf Liaisons: Jean Hansen and Kathie Barton; Men’s Invitational: Jean Hansen and Victoria Mendenhall; Battle of the Sexes: Shirlee Valo; Guest Day: Kris Fulton and Leslie Leeper; Roster: Leslie Leeper; Stagette: Kathy Harp; OGA Women’s Interclub Play: Sue Oberg; Charbonneau Women Golfers: Carol Brownlow (Facilitator), Linda Owen and Jan Watson. Without the efforts of this amazing team of women, we wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun, or be able to bask in the happy glow of a successful CWGA season. Kudos to all!

Congrats to 2017 Board

The election of officers was also held during the annual meeting on October 6. Welcome and congratulations to the new 2017 Executive Board: Kathy Harp, president; Cathi McLain, vice-president; Victoria Mendenhall, Treasurer; Secretary, Colly Ehrhart and Kathy Gaibler; Tournament Co-Chairs, Kari Muldrow, Lois Weber, Pat Struckman and Merra Frochen. Committee chairs are almost all set for 2017 and will be announced in another issue. Thanks to all who step up to make sure all our bases are covered.