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CWGA May 5th Board Meeting with Zoom Link

Lynda Huber is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
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Time: May 5, 2021 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)




Revised CWGA Results April 29th

Revised CWGA Low Gross/Low Net Results adding handicap index breakdown.

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Revised CWGA Results April 29th 

April 2015 Villager Article


By Cathi McLain, CWGA Publicity Chair

            As we begin a new season of golf at Charbonneau, I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to the founding father of golf, Old Tom Morris. We see him caricatured in Golf Now Commercials, with the white-bearded actor admonishing us to “Go Play.” The real Tom Morris would have reminded us to hit it “Far and Sure,” repeating a mantra of golfers who preceded him in developing the game. I recently read Tommy’s Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, Golf’s Founding Father and Son, by Kevin Cook. So much of what we take for granted in the game and on modern golf courses was developed by Old Tom, and the book is a page turner for anyone who loves the game of golf.

Our CWGA season kicks off with a board meeting on Wednesday, April 1st at 9:00, followed by our Opening Breakfast on Thursday, April 2nd at 9:00. Shotgun play will begin at 10:30. At the January meeting, the board voted to remove the requirement for a minimum of 12 players in order to qualify for day’s play pay-outs, unless the play is canceled due to inclement weather. We all hope this mild, sunny weather continues into April, so our numbers remain high.

Other schedule reminders: May 6 board meeting, with Mixer/Luncheon/Shotgun play on Thursday, May 7th. Our annual Handicap Tournament is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, May 28 and 29th. Details will be posted in the Club Room and in next month’s Villager.

We welcome new members throughout the season. For forms and details, check the CWGA area in the Pro Shop Club Room.

A few notes from LPGA Teaching Professionals Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson, as you prepare for the season: What’s on your to-do list? Whether it is improving your putting, your chipping, or your follow-through, stay focused on your goal. Remind yourself as you practice and play. My personal mantra is to keep the swing thoughts to a manageable number. And of course, to hit it “Far and Sure.”



March 2015 Villager Article

March 2015 CWGA Villager Article

By Cathi McLain


As I write this, the bulbs are already popping up, trees are starting to bloom and bud, and the weather has been amazingly spring-like. The golf course is busy, as the nice weather can’t help but beckon golfers. Of course, we all know that March can just as easily bring cold and rainy weather as it has the high 50’s and low 60’s we’ve enjoyed in January and early February, so enjoy every precious outdoor day as it comes.

We have an excellent board lined up to steer us this season. Here’s the line-up:

2015 Executive Board: President: Linda Owen; Vice President: Claudia Ostrem; Secretary: Joann Linville; Treasurer: Jan Watson; Tournaments: Kathie Barton and Coleen Larson

2015 Standing Committees: Day’s Play: Cindy Edwards and Marlene Apland; Eclectic/Hole-in-one: Pat Struckman; Handicap: Linda Schultze and Jean Hansen; Historian: Christie Gorsline; Membership: Kathy Harp; Property/Trophy: Susan Taylor; Publicity: Cathi McLain; Rules: Joann Linville; Scoring: Pat Struckman; Social/Catering: Kari Muldrow; Sunshine: Shirlee Valo; Communication/Web: Sue Oberg and Kathie Barton

2015 Special Committees: OGA Liaison: Sue Oberg; CGC Board Liason: Laura Noffke; CGC Golf/Green: Jean Hansen and Kathie Barton; Men’s Invitational: Jean Hansen; Battle of the Sexes: Dana Richmond; Guest Day: Kay Gardner and Carol Brownlow; Roster: Lynn Liffick; Stagette: Claudia Ostrem; W.I.P. Captains: Joann Linville and Susan Taylor;

Charbonneau Women Golfers: Carol Brownlow (Facilitator), Joann Linville, Victoria Mendenhall

Big Sisters Wanted. If you are interested and willing to be a mentor and companion for new golfers joining CWGA, please send your name via email to Kathy Harp, Membership Chair, Include the date you plan to begin playing golf at Charbonneau. Kathy will send you a list of duties so you will know the drill! We hope to have lots of new faces joining us this season.

Thank you! A great big thank you goes out to the Charbonneau Golf Club’s Grounds Maintenance Crew! They cleaned out the CWGA sponsored garden area! It looks great and the crew volunteered to keep it looking good for us! Thanks so much! The CWGA women are very appreciative of your efforts. See picture attached.

Get ready for a big year with CWGA!


February 2015 Villager Article


By Cathi McLain, CWGA Publicity Chair

Whether you’re enjoying warmer climes and playing golf in the desert, or enduring Oregon’s chill, where playing golf involves mud and wearing extra layers, it’s not too soon to start thinking about golf at Charbonneau. The course is in great shape, though sadly missing a few trees after some serious wind events, and plans are already moving forward for our 2015 CWGA season.

The first CWGA board meeting of 2015 was held January 7th. Your new board and standing committees have finalized the calendar and are preparing for a busy—and fun—year. The next board meeting is Wednesday, April 1st at 9:00 A.M. Opening Day is set for Thursday, April 2nd, starting with 9:00 breakfast, and followed by10:30 shotgun play. The complete schedule is available on the website, as are meeting minutes, announcements, play day results, and all the news of the day. Go to and click on Men’s and Women’s Golf, following the link to CWGA. Most of the information is available without a password, except for roster and Board Minutes. If you need a reminder about the password, contact me or Sue Oberg.

There is a new membership form available in the club room and on the website. Dues paid prior to April 1, 2015 will be $67.00.  After April 1, dues will be $72.00. Since this is a new form, everyone will need to complete it and be sure to update contact information so the roster is up-to-date.

NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME! If you are new to Charbonneau or looking for a great way to improve your game, we welcome all women golfers with a handicap of 40.4 or less. If you need to establish your handicap, we can help with that as well.

Please fill out the form and put it in an envelope with your check. Place it in the CWGA slot in the club room, or mail to:
Charbonneau Golf Club
Attention:  CWGA
32020 SW Charbonneau Dr.
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Additional reminder:  Those members who might be able to play only 9 holes at certain times during the year are encouraged to continue as 18-holers.  There is no prohibition in our by-laws that would bar you from still being a member of CWGA. This would include players who are getting back after surgery or illness, or with limited time to play. Join us!

The Portland Golf Show is coming up February 20-22 at the Oregon Convention Center. Stop by the Charbonneau Pro Shop and sign up to volunteer for a 4-hour shift. Our team will be handing out coupons for free rounds of golf and manning the booth with its “Wheel of Fortune.” This is our chance to enhance the visibility of Charbonneau Golf Club, and gain a free admission to the show while we’re at it!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy President’s Day, and Happy Golf Thoughts!



January 2015 Villager article

January 2015 CWGA –  By Cathi McLain, Publicity Chair

Happy New Year! This time last year, I was a brand-new Charbonneau resident, marveling over our new kitchen, our view overlooking Red One, and the fact that our short walk to the driving range could be topped off with nine holes of golf on a rain-free New Year’s Day. Since then I’ve become involved in CWGA and made many new golfing friends, and look forward to the coming spring when we’re all back together and “committing golf” at Charbonneau.

President Linda Owen reminds us that the first board meeting of CWGA will be Wednesday, January 7th. She also sends along this DUES REMINDER: Dues for the 2015 year are $72.00 and the deadline is April 1st. HOWEVER – if dues are paid prior to April 1st, they are discounted to $67.00. Please note: All members must complete a membership form this year, as it has been completely revised. The forms will be available in the pro shop member lounge by January 1st and will also be placed on line. On another note, the 2015 CWGA Schedule is being posted on the website, along with the Board listing of Officers, Standing Committees and Special Committees. Members are encouraged to use the website where current schedules of events, golf activities, member information, and important announcements will be posted online at

AT “HOME” OR DOWN SOUTH – Winter time is a good time to follow these important and helpful hints:

Being able to play a lot of golf, both here and away, makes it critical to avoid injury and post-golf aches and pains. My personal trainer at 24-Hour Fitness shared five golf exercises from Pain Free by Pete Egoscue, recommended for golfers who suffer from knee, low back, elbow and shoulder pain. Arm Circles: Stand with arms raised out to your sides, keeping elbows straight, palms down, and thumbs pointing forward. Squeeze shoulder blades together and rotate arms forward in a circle, 25 times, then reverse the circle by turning the palms up and thumbs back, another 25 times. Elbow Circles: Raise hands palm-out so that middle fingers rest on the temples in front of the ears, with thumbs extended downward. Draw elbows back evenly and in line with the shoulders. Slowly swing the elbows forward until they touch in front. Repeat 25 times. Standing Overhead Extension: Stand with feet straight, hip-width apart. Interlace fingers, with palms toward the ceiling, arms overhead with elbows straight. Look up at the backs of your hands, keeping arms in vertical alignment with the shoulders. Hold for one minute. Upper Spinal Floor Twist: Lie on your side with knees bent, to form a right angle to the trunk. Extend both arms along the floor, level with the shoulders, keeping elbows straight with the palms together and parallel with the bent legs. Slowly lift the upper arm up and over to rest behind you on the floor palm-up while you turn your head to face the ceiling. Relax and breathe deeply. Repeat on the other side. Cats and Dogs: Classic yoga exercise. Get down on the floor on hands and knees. Smoothly round your back upward as your head curls under to create a curve (cat). Next smoothly sway the back down while bringing the head up (dog). Make these two moves flow continuously back and forth rather than keeping them distinct and choppy. Do one set of ten.

The new year ahead is a great time to consider working on improving something in your life..whether it be healthwise, family, friends or community. Enjoy!

December Villager Article


This year, why not decorate your den, entry way or other special corner with a small tree displaying your favorite golf ornaments. What better way to enjoy the holidays?

Since you love golf, why not think like a golfer and “go fore it” with ideas for gifts.   Create gift bags containing tees, logo’d (Charbonneau Golf Club logos, preferably!) markers, bag tags, socks, shirts, candy… you get the idea. Your favorite golfer friends and family will love the creativity and love you put into the gift. Make the Charbonneau Golf Club Pro Shop your FIRST stop for Christmas gifts!..

2015 BOARD

Members serving on the 2015 CWGA Executive Board are: Linda Owen, President; Claudia Ostrem, Vice President; Jan Watson Treasurer; Joann Linville, Secretary, Tournament co-chairs: Coleen Larson and Kathie Barton. The next CWGA board meeting will be held on January 7, 2015.

Standing Committee members and Special Committee members will be announced in the next issue of The Villager.

Enjoy the Holiday Season, and fill it with peace, love, joy, faith and generosity.

November CWGA Villager


Christie Gorsline is CWGA’s Most Improved Golfer for 2014.

Christie was surprised but very happy to win this very special award. She credits hard work and help from her husband, Rick. She worked very hard all year to improve her golf. She placed second in the CWGA Club Championship and was within one stroke of winning it all! Congratulations, Christie!


First Flight – 1st: Christie Gorsline, 2nd: Susan Taylor, 3rd: Judy Miller; Second Flight: 1st: Kathie Barton, 2nd: Kay Gardner, 3rd: Joann Linville; Third Flight: 1st: Kathy Harp, 2nd: Sue Oberg; 2nd (tie): Laura Noffke; and Fourth Flight: 1st: Musa Wolcott, 2nd: Victoria Mendenhall, 3rd: Kari Muldrow.

SEPTEMBER WINNERS: September 18th: Two Person Team – Las Vegas: 1st: Christie Gorsline and Kathie Barton; 2nd Place: Glenda Dick and Laura Noffke; 3rd Place: Kay Gardner and Marlene Apland; 4th Place: Judy Bruce and Jean Hansen; and 5th Place Ties: Sue Oberg and Kathy Herrick; and Susie Taylor and Musa Wolcott.

September 25th: 3 Member Team, Most Net Pars: 1st Place: Judy Bruce, Glenda Dick and Kay Gardner; 2nd Place: Christie Gorsline, Jean Hansen and Victoria Mendenhall; Three ties for 3rd Place: Kari Muldrow, Sue Oberg and Marlene Apland; Lynn Liffick, Joann Linville and Laura Noffke; and Pat Holm, Kathy Gaibler (Blind Draw)


The finale of the year for CWGA was its annual meeting and Halloween Trick or Treat themed day of Bootiful Breakfast, Trick or Treat Step Aside Golf, a Fabulous Frightening lunch, a Spooky Horse Race and a Ghoulish Dinner followed by a Bewitching Costume Parade. Prizes were given for the best decorated cart and four categories for best costumes. The best overall winner was Purple Vampiress (Joann Linville) ; most creative was 50 Shades of Grey (Linda Schultze) ); Funniest was Sponge Bob Square Pants (Caryl Thomas) ; and most Glamorous (Susie Taylor . A very sincere THANK YOU to the committees who put this event together! Kathie Barton, Kari Muldrow, Shirley Higgins, Jean Hansen, Kay Gardner, Coleen Larson, Shirlee Valo, Joan Gornbein, Linda Schultze, Claudia Ostrem, Kathy Gaibler, Cindy Edwards and Pauline Hanlon. This Rookie thanks you!

Winners of the Stagette Trick or Treat Step Aside were: Gross: 1st: Team of Sandy Olson, Cathi McClain and Dana Richmond; 2nd: Team of Marlene Apland, Carol Brownlow, Sue Oberg and Coleen Larson. Net: 1st: Team of Jan Watson, Linda Owen, Cindy Edwards and Linda Schultze; 2nd: Team of Joann Linville, Glenda Dick and Kathy Gaibler; 3rd: Three way tie: Teams of Joan Gornbein, Claudia Ostrem, Shirlee Valo and Laura Noffke; Team of Leslie Leeper, Lynn Liffick and Jean Hansen; Team of Sue Taylor, Sonja Catania and Kathie Barton; 4th: Team of Kay Gardner, Pat Struckman, Judy Miller and April Lewis.   Congratulations!

Winners of the Stagette Horse Race: Tied for 1st Place: Team of Coleen Larson, Sue Oberg,Jan Watson and Linda Schultze and Team of Joann Linville, Cathi McClain, Jean Hansen and Sandy Olson. The Horse Race was exciting to the very end and everyone played in costume! Great job!


CWGA membership elected officers for the 2015 season: President – Linda Owen; Vice President-Claudia Ostrem; Treasurer-Jan Watson; Secretary- Joann Linville and Tournament Co-Chairs: Kathie Barton and Coleen Larson.

2014 Co-presidents Kathie Barton and Jean Hansen were presented with a gift as an expression of a great big thank you for a year of excellent and fun leadership.   The women of CWGA appreciated a fantastic year led by these two wonderful ladies!

As the snowbirds begin their annual “flight” to warmer climes, those of us hard core winter birds bid you a fond farewell and wish you happy golfing in the desert! Tee it high and let it fly, as always!

Enjoy Columbus Day and Happy Halloween all you ghost and goblins!