Club Play Rules

Standing Rules

  1. Playing is between April 1st and October 31st.
  2. Thursday of each week shall be CWGA Day.
  3. Entry fees may be charged for program events.
  4. Play will be in flights, as entries warrant.
  5. Participants in Day’s Play, Special Events or any major Tournament must have an established USGA handicap.
  6. Maximum Charbonneau handicap allowed for all competition is 33.  Before posting, all scores must be adjusted, if needed, according to USGA rules.
  7. Handicaps at the beginning of a tournament shall remain in effect throughout the tournament.

 Local Rules

Water Hazards

All ponds are to be played as lateral water hazards.

Relief from Cart Paths, Cement Drains & Yardage Markers

Nearest point of relief, no nearer to the hole.  With club in hand, place tee at club head, measure one club length, put down second tee, then droop ball between the two tees with no penalty.

Ball in French Drain

If a ball is in the ditch and you can see gravel or feel gravel by tapping with a golf club, you have a free drop.  Otherwise, play the ball as it lies.

Goose Poop Rule

In the event that your ball lands in or passes through animal waste on the fairway, you may lift, clean and place the ball, no closer to the hole.  If the ball is on the green, it may be placed.  The player will incur no penalty.